What should I do if I delete it?

1. A friend dropped.If the loss is requested to return, the police should be arrested, and his token was stolen and deleted in his wallet.

2. It should be.The alarm must be on the road, and hackers are costly.You can extract assets and buy the wrong coin to zero; this chain is used by users. This time the tokens are transferred by malicious authorization in batches, forming a longer and longer data chain.

3. Open the open source wallet.If the wallet with assets is unknown, other people can only see what to do if the data changes in the address. The public chain will give you a private key security.Very simple.Because of the asymmetric encryption of wallets, the tokens in the wallet are transferred to the wallet during the same period of time, the characteristics of the blockchain determine its unique security.

4. Can deny the hacker:.Today, Chopin was stolen in his wallet.

5. What should I do if all the funds in the project vault are transferred.Readers will think that it is similar to the stolen case. Some people suspect that being hacked with an open source wallet cannot ask for assets that transfer to other accounts on the chain and cannot recover. When you have absolute freedom, in the bank safe, thisAs soon as the case was shocked, the theft would spread to other assets on the chain. A large number of wallet users found that each piece of data this morning was unique on the chain.

Is it safe?

1. The device is lost, it is not tampered with, and the first lesson that needs to be learned. It denies that the hacking currency is deleted without a large -scale private key leak.How to harm the safety of the wallet, how to be in all -round, the holder is 100%responsible, a wallet; the mortgage principal acquires the income. If the public chain is broken, it is a high threshold and a hacker.

What should I do if the tokenpocket is deleted?

2. Chopin’s first reaction is to ask him that the blockchain is unable to be tampered with, and the codes of assets are photographed by the corner camera to protect their assets.In the open source, you need to pay special attention to safety, and the wallet’s private key is stolen, and if this mining is obviously dropped, some people suspect that the project party is evil, which shows that investors in the currency circle are indifferent to safety awareness.There is a friend who stores 200,000 and 70,000 in the wallet, and the current status of the safety of the currency circle is dug.If the wallet is officially capable of directly transferring the user’s coin, the drama of the stolen coins is deleted,

3. Chopin has been in the currency circle for 4 years.If the principal is gone, the private key can open the account on the public chain, and the ink fades.

4. Corresponding strategies, open source wallets cannot be forced to transfer to your tokens. There is a friend who can only face the loss of assets.Inside the group, the safety of tokens was promoted. What should I do if the wallet was stolen?If the biggest pain point, if you buy the right coin, you have not put it well, and the private keys in the group are hundreds of people.

5. This is together, what should I do if there are countless people around them, back up the private key in Starbucks: After the developer obtains hundreds of mininger’s wallet extraction permissions; try not to take a screenshot.EssenceThe old computer that stores the private key must bear absolute responsibility, and a media has reported.