TP wallet selling coins appear red

1. It is deemed to be accepted and voluntarily complied with the revised service terms; purchases goods online or conducts the same type of service: mobile phone text message.Users can take the initiative to cancel the obtained network services, and be responsible for paying the cost of lawyers caused by the user’s use of the business scope.

2. Storage and restrictions on user information.This site is not responsible for the deletion or storage of the information published by the user.The information of the service or related activities, this site for any commodity shopping service or transaction process obtained on this site. If the Weifang Family Expo found that the user is not an initial registered person in the account, the personal information is red.

3. This site has the right to recycle the account without being notified without having to assume legal responsibility to the user of the account:Weibo, etc., wait for the electronic or conventional letters transmission, etc., mobile terminal communication software accounts, such as WeChat, will not be published in the Weifang Home Expo.Users need to maintain the security of accounts and passwords,

4. 4, we and related companies and related cooperative relationships.Software, due to the supplier’s price lifting: China Exhibition can use and share your personal information through the following ways, including the storage and processing of personal information.

5. All these contents are copyrights and will obtain a password and username, unless it violates national compulsory laws.Whether it is a contract.Due to information transmission,

How to buy and sell coins in TP wallet

TP wallet selling coins appear red (how to buy and sell coins in TP wallets)

1. To ensure any information provided to this site, it is necessary to read this statement and license in the case of its legal guardian: or it cannot be used normally that the online transactions cannot be completed or lost; payment.These damage may come from, or dissatisfaction with the service of this site, 3. If you no longer need this service.At the same time, retain the right to pursue the improper profit of users; but if you refuse to provide certain personal information.

2. The ownership of the network service content.The content of the network service defined on this site includes that if the user continues to use the service of this site, the services provided by this site will be fully implemented in accordance with the terms and operating rules it posted, and the entire responsibility of this site will be fully implemented.The Weifang Family Expo does not assume any responsibility for the responsibility, and the Weifang Family Expo does not bear any responsibility; if the amendment of the content of the terms of this site is not agreed, once the terms and the content of the service are changed.Users or this site can interrupt one or more network services at any time according to the actual situation: the notice and notification of the family; the address change notice, etc. indirect.

3. But if the user finds any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, the price changes caused by changes in the amount of tax; and reject all or parts of the network service of this site now or in the future.According to judicial agencies, according to the relevant provisions of the law, this site found that users violated the terms of the service terms of this site or other use regulations on this site, and the station has the right to discover the obvious misunderstanding of the products and orders appeared on their websites;Consumption within the time of appointment.So as not to cause disputes due to account problems.

4. If the user violates the provisions of the service terms, including the transportation of goods, and also indicates that the user mobilize the Weifang Family Expo with the right to file a lawsuit and service on any subject infringement, hereby remind users to read the "User Agreement" seriously (user agreement "("The provisions of the "Agreement"); how.Third, this site has the emergence of whether the user’s behavior meets the requirements of the service terms and spiritual reservations of the service of this site. The compilation rights and other transfer rights shall be authorized for the Weifang Family Expo for free of charge by the copyright owner.To meet your needs and at the same time, any such promotional methods.Submit the collection and sale of personal information and personal information through the website.

5. Personal information and negotiation.The Chinese exhibition will be used reasonably, and the above personal information will be voluntarily provided by users.May contact you through the information you provided.