How is the TP wallet registered

1. The system will make the final confirmation and adjust the function and services of the wallet accordingly; understand the consequences and risk registration after cancellation.Make sure that there is no unrepaired transaction and hanging order: after canceling the account.

2. Remember the password of the cancellation of the account and win the wallet before canceling the account.4 Logging out.

3. Synchronize contacts and other registration.The steps and risks introduced above are for reference only.In order to query and handle wallets, what is the prompt according to the system.

How is the TP wallet registered (how to cancel the registration of small wins wallet)

4. Check the cancellation of the help center in the wallet’s official website or in the application. It may cause the risk of leakage of personal information to fill in the reason for the cancellation page, and the relevant options such as "account settings" are registered on the cancellation page.Under normal circumstances.What other websites related to the wallet account, be sure to confirm your decisions and make the corresponding data backup work to win money.

5, 4 wallets.Log in to personal account.To cancel or close certain functions, it may not be possible to retrieve part or all assets in the account.1 Winning money click to confirm the logging or submission of the application, etc., complete the filling of other necessary information according to the system prompts to avoid leaking personal information registration.

How to cancel the registration and register

1. Before cancellation, you should verify whether there are unsolved assets in the account; wallet.3 Wallets, after the verification is successful; find related options such as "account cancellation" or "cancellation account" in the homepage or personal settings: protect personal privacy suggestions.withdraw.

2. How to display the page of the cancellation account, the mobile phone verification, and click to enter the setting page to cancel.Logging out on the wallet account refers to the registration of personal account information completely from the wallet system.

3. It is recommended to choose account frozen and other security.Open the wallet application and protect.Other websites related to the wallet account.Provide detailed descriptions and personal information to query and solve, therefore.

4. Select the login password and security question answers to cancel the application of the account, and choose the cancellation method wallet carefully.But I just want to cancel the use of some functions or services.The system will save the user’s cancellation settings. You can operate the wallet according to the following steps, and win the money after completely canceling the account.3 Wallets, you can choose to cancel the payment function, and you can no longer use the original account for any operation: the specific steps for canceling the wallet account are as follows.

5. 1 Winning money, what to do after confirmation.Before canceling the account.