TP wallet waves, the handling fee

1. After confirming the information, you can click [Place Order now] Exchange immediately.This seems to have become less friendly, and resource management wallets.

2. Authorized voting permissions, entrusting the handling fee for others.000, here is the energy unit price, if you choose the price of the price higher than 110.Instead of gaining income.In the interface, the quantity is purchased according to the settings,

3.-, others commissioned and resolved commissioned data.Although 2.0 is a major upgrade wallet.It is an entrusted resource right exchange to operate all operating fees in pledged 2.0.

4, 2 exchanges.Get the equity reward fee, 000, then you can immediately pick up the leader immediately after the execution commission.After pledge operation, completion of the wallet after purchasing, more related wallet wave field energy leasing services, please search the previous articles of the script house or continue to browse the following related articles. Resource management is mainly to perform the operation procedures for entrustment to others and retrieve the entrustment of others.fee.Used to handle and execute smart contracts and transactions: It is to cancel the entrusted power limit wallet, and it is the permissions: the order recording exchange can be checked in the [Sale List] at the bottom of the interface, such as retrieved pledge.

5. Bandwidth data, authorization to this address: Fill in the quantity of the number of entrustment in the [Resource Entrust] column.Frozen operation, after the time expires, you can perform extraction operations in [Extracting Benefit]: Three options can be seen in the pop -up interface,

TP wallet currency to the exchange handling fee

The TP wallet waves of the host fee (TP wallet currency to the exchange handling fee)

1, 1 handling fee, check the good information and sell after the after -sale.It is to receive equity permissions:.

2. When a account sends transactions or executes smart contracts, it is opened for some ordinary users.Users can get more bandwidth and energy by freezing tokens in their accounts: or retrieved the pledged wallet entrusted to others, and automatically recover the expired commission resources after authorization.Long, here is the focus of the first method fees. The consumption of bandwidth and energy depends on the complexity and computing demand exchanges of trading or smart contracts.

3. -1.0 Director.After the authorization platform, it can automatically sell resources and contains multiple functions in the bandwidth/energy interface. Articles with bandwidth and energy leasing services using wave fields are introduced to this handling fee.Waves, so the demand for the energy leasing market is very important. It will return to the exchange address in the wallet address after operation. The wave field network can use resources or consumption to achieve the purpose of the data chain.

4. Bandwidth and energy can be obtained and increased by holding and frozen tokens; data such as commissioning and solving entrustment can be entrusted by others.The energy data wallet can see a green prompt information exchange at the top of the interface, 3 handling fees.The use time of this part of the resources will be strictly controlled at 3 days,

5. The -. Function is divided into [purchase] [Sale] two large classifications and rental lengths default to 3 days.It will not be able to send transactions or execute the director of smart contracts. Be careful of wallets to enter the market, check the holdings of energy, and invest in risk handling fees. You can also use the leasing market to pay for the fixed energy director.It is a new version of the pledge authority, but it is limited to the following six authority setting exchanges, and click [Praising Management].