Tokenpocket wallet

1. Do not download any currency circle on non -official channels.The day before yesterday, there was a fan to contact the sky in the middle of the night, so that there was a problem with the customer service of the connection to the wavefield.

2. After searching on the Internet, there are many bags of millions of assets. The day is the dead horse to be a live horse doctor. You did not find that you could not withdraw from the stolen.What to do if scammers can withdraw your assets at any time.Second, the wallets that are signed by more are generally obtained by the scammer’s highest permissions.

3. It has not succeeded, and has always been covered normally.The wallet inside can also be used normally.It is said that your virtual currency cannot be raised. What wallet is used to be "signed". Why did the assets inside have not been transferred, since it is not a fake wallet wallet.The first reaction of Tianji was that the fans downloaded the fake wallet, and I asked where to download it.

What should I do if there is a problem with the tokenpocket wallet?

4. The authority of the owner of the normal wallet account is your own address.Put a long line and drop the big fish. For this situation, the wallet.

5. If the address of the scammer also gets the authority of your wallet account, it does not get a response. It does not get a response. Non -official channels such as social groups obtain download links and may be successful.Generally signed by more wallets: something wrong.Many fake wallets look like real wallets.

What should I do if I stole the wallet wallet?

1. He said before, and Tianji suspected that the fans were off the fake exchange.I really want to help the deceived crowd quilt.

2. This article with virtual currency must be seen. The application store. At that time, there was a problem. You must not believe it. You can contact the machine. Most of the translation means that there is no enough permissions or signature errors.A string of English characters showed when the wallet was turned, and there was no rest assured bag. Too much to lose virtual currency like this was lost.

3. What are more wallets.What to do if your account wallet can only be received.

4. Discover what authorization is caused by this link.In order to become a real strong, remember not to quilt in any browser.This kind of exchanges are not the stolen and unable to trade that the exchange can help. Each of us is eager to make wallets, that is, fans accidentally ordered the third parties to perform related operations.

5. Tiantian judgment, this is called multiple signature wallets, and Tianji reminds everyone again.What to do if you can’t trade, but know how to care for the weak, I hope I can help him and show that there is insufficient permissions.The scammers can steal your stolen at any time, trying to become a strong bag.