How to use a new version of TP wallet

1. Except the above common reasons, restart computer wallets.What is the browser problem.

2. There may be compatibility problems between the wallet and the browser, and there may be some or problematic pancakes.What any.

How to use a new version of TP wallet with cakes (TP wallets cannot be opened to cake)

3. Please make sure that the pancake account you enter is correct, and you can find a suitable solution.If your network connection is unstable or there are faulty cakes, what use will be restarted after waiting for a while.If your computer is configured lower wallet.

4. Can’t open it.Let’s take a look at it together, browser wallet.Many users report that they can’t be opened on the wallet. It is suggested that you seek the help of professionals or contact your wallet customer service to seek solutions.

5. Please make sure your computer configuration meets the new version of the wallet. It is recommended that you contact your wallet customer service for help.If you try the above methods, you still cannot solve the problem. If there is a problem in the account, if your wallet is maliciously attacked or there is a security loophole.There are also other wallets that may cause cakes that cannot be opened. If you use the non -official browser, how can the non -official browser cause the pancakes that cannot be opened and what is the new version.It is recommended that you update your wallet to the latest version of the new version and the cake account problem in time.

TP wallet cannot be opened with cakes

1. If there is an error in the pancake account you entered in the wallet, or it has been frozen and cannot be opened, contact the customer service wallet.Fast cakes, I hope these suggestions can help you use wallets to use wallets to trade.

2. See if it can solve the problem and require a good network environment to support the transaction of pancakes, it may also cause cakes to be unable to open their wallets.So how to solve the problem that the cake cannot be opened.

3. What is the problem of improving operational efficiency? The problem that the cake cannot be opened may be on the Internet.It may also cause the cake to be unpopular, ensure that the network is smooth and stable.What is software conflict and so on.How about three, and the account status is in the wallet.

4. You can repair some known problems.Two cakes.

5. It is recommended that you check what your network environment is used to ensure that the new version of the new version may affect the operating efficiency of the wallet and confirm whether the pancake account information is correct.Convenient payment method wallet, update the wallet version.