How to get more tp before the wallet

1. 3.Other security application scenarios wallets are suitable for how to get the diversified use of corporate or team asset management or individuals. Selecting a multi -sign -on online wallet in the multi -signing network./20 (including/20 and other chains, the multi -signing uses lightweight smart contracts, method wallets. How to get.

How to get the wallet before the TP (how does the wallet side be done?)

2. For example, choose the Binance Smart Chain Wallet here, and you need to use a wallet to generate a signature, which is also a wallet that we usually use.There is no way to get on the chain wallet, that is, how can two people sign in the three people can get it.Select [Make more wallets] to create wallets.

3. You can import by clicking [Import the Wallet] to use private key or notes: Click in the upper right corner of the blue area [Details] You can view the details here.How to make more wallets, the more wallet on the chain is a smart contract; that is, multiple people need to sign for a wallet for a certain operation.You can initiate transfers in the switch of wallets to make more convenience. After waiting for the contract deployment, you will complete the wallet creation of more wallets.

4. In the individual, there is a personal signature to complete the operation. We have to send a transfer operation on the blockchain how to get it. Users who have created or imported can also open the wallet.You need to choose according to your personal circumstances.Corresponding to multiple signing wallets is how to make a single wallet, which can take into account safety and convenient wallets.The operation of the contract and other chains must be cautious on the market. Generally, there are 2/3 of the commonly used more. You can customize how to get the settings. Managing wallets can flexibly set the wallet.We can specify the signature mode and content of how to get the content. Please read the reminder content wallet in the [Multi -signing creation process]. Only by reasonable settings can we play the greatest degree of safety and convenience of signing more.The steps of signing more wallets are the core content how to get it, how to get it.

5. This is a typical single -signing wallet wallet. In the multi -signing queue, it will display the generated multiple -sign orders.[Make more wallet name] How to get the same as creating a wallet name.As the name suggests, whether the introduction of the affiliate wallet will affect the follow -up of subsequent transfers or use of calls for use.You can view the [Minimum Confirmation Number] in the Multi -Signing Management. The focus of the creation of more wallets is [Management Wallet] and [Minimum Confirmation Number] Reasonable setting of wallets.After reading the reading, click the next step how to get it.

How did you get the side of the wallet?

1. How to get information such as [Latest on the Chain] and [Related Wallet].3 Wallet.

2. How can the transfer operation be done?Use multiple signing wallets for transfer wallets, and support up to 30 management wallet settings.

3. How to do it.Often need> = 1 person to sign for transactions, 3/5 and other methods of wallets.How to get when using more wallets, how to get complicated code, you can click on the interface to jump to the blockchain browser to view the relevant creation information wallet.[Set up management wallets] Set the management wallet and wallet with more wallets.

4. [Fack of the Number of Signatures] Set the minimum wallet for wallets. You don’t need to set a password.2 Wallet.After the successful creation of more wallets, there are two classified wallets, which are mainly [multiple signing queues] and [multi -sign management]. Among them, the associated wallet is the management address; the content of each type in the figure below shows and how to get it.When everything is set properly, use click [I have no wallet] how to get it, and click [Confirm] to see how to get the prompts in the creation of more wallets.

5, 5. Do not charge any fees, create more wallets, do not need to backup notes or private key wallets.It is used for how to manage assets by multi -person, and in the wallet list, you can very intuitively distinguish the difference in wallets for multiple wallets and single -signing wallets.We signed the name to send the transaction out and the minimum confirmation of the number of signatures.[Payment wallet] Here you can click the wallet address imported in the wallet to create, miners, and expenses pay for wallets.