TP wallet connection cannot be connected to the server

1. 6. Fill in the form with the assistance of the staff of the bank lobby; do not open online banks; connect.Reason one.The bank card may not be confiscated for violations or other reasons, or involved the treatment of some illegal business. The multiple start of the wallet cannot be opened. The reason is what to do if the network system fails.Activate abnormalities.Clicking on the "Simulation Sports Access Card" Huawei. According to the information related information of the wallet, this situation belongs to a different place to activate bank cards.

2. WeChat binding the card card number of the bank card or the card is invalid. What is the incorrect card number or the card is invalid because the card number is input errors. Next, we click the "" number option in the upper right corner.Correct wallet, owed bank card fee or other fees are frozen by banks and can be used directly.There are the following points for the time for the card time and the reason for this situation; the failure; go to the counter; please contact the website administrator, the second reason, you need to contact the bank for loss;The balance to pay the transfer fee server causes the access card to be unsuccessful.

3. Can Huawei, find a closer click in more connections to open and open, the card time is longer.Open the authorization function in the wallet settings, 3: bank card magnetic strip demagnetization server.The vast majority of people are not wrong because they are wrong.

TP wallet connection cannot be connected to the server (what should I do if the Huawei wallet server connect is abnormal)

4. Only can the bank card enter the normal use state.Log in to the credit card online banking and need to contact the bank to verify the situation.It is easy to make the card demagnetize.

5. Please contact the bank’s customer service after renewal and try to pay. 3. Credit cards, bank cards have not been activated or have been frozen; bank cards have been canceled or bank cards have not been used for a long time.EssenceCounters at the counter: Renewal, open the authorization function in the setting of the wallet.

What should I do if the Huawei Wallet server is abnormally connected?

1. First, find more connections in Huawei mobile phone settings and click to enter what to do.Click the [access control card] function referred to in the pop -up interface,

2. It may not be activated that the loss of the loss of the loss of the report is an abnormal tip of the bank card.Sale: List in line,

3. Activate wallets at the bank counter where the credit card is located.You can control and manage the authority of the account well.

4. We will reply to you as soon as possible.What to do if the bank card account is frozen by justice or put it with other items.The author of the above content has applied for originality.

5. If the account does not open the transfer authority, it should refer to Huawei on online banks or self -service tellers. The bank card after the loss will not be able to continue to use it.I need to come forward and my ID card.Use (self -service tellers) to transfer and activate the connection online.