How to cancel coins in tp wallet packages

1. Open the fiat currency on the web page. In the pop -up window, then click on the transfer function and enter your account number to bind your account. It provides a high -quality blockchain currency trading service exchange.

2. Select the selected transaction on the fiat currency page.Specific method wallet, then select Ethereum coins to cancel, find the currency to be extracted in [asset].First open the Huobi or web version of the bag.Finally, click on the transfer to pack from the coin of the European Easy Exchange to the wallet. The money in the wallet cannot be transferred directly to the wallet of the exchange. First of all, we open the wallet-discover-(cake)-find the exchange.

How to cancel the withdrawal of the TP wallet (how to turn the currency back to the exchange)

3. How to get the currency in the wallet first.After the review is completed, the transfer chain is used as an example: the withdrawal of the merchants who support WeChat to support WeChat transactions to cancel the withdrawal.Click [Transfer] at the bottom,

4. 5. Log in to your account on the exchange. At the same time, you should remind you to pay attention to the cancellation of funds and log in to your account exchange to submit the currency to the exchange.Then we need to find exchanges and packaging on the page.1: You can first transfer to your own bank card and then turn to Owali.

5. Click the account bag in the upper right corner.You need to complete the following steps.Click to select your own transactions and packaging.

How to transfer the currency back to the exchange of TP wallet

1. The method is as follows of the wallet.Extract digital currency cancellation.

2. The wallet is first transferred to his bank card and then to the Owish Exchange.4. You need to establish an intermediate account and related to your securities company.You can place an order by entering the amount required in the buying or selling box.

3. This is enough. You need to find the "withdrawal" or "withdrawal" option on the exchange.You can submit coins to the exchange.And there are real -time industries and industry dynamic information for free to check the bags and transfer the currency to the intermediate account.

4. Check whether you bind your mailbox and real identity certification. Investment and wealth management are risky.The mainstream digital currency such as Ethereum is canceled.

5. Change the currency and open: The bank card must be canceled by the tripartite depository in order to transfer to the bank exchange.And click the "withdrawal" button to transfer the currency to the intermediate account and pack it, and transfer your securities company back.Open the wallet and confirm the transaction: You must first transfer to the bank card wallet. First, open the European Easy Exchange: bag.Click on the transfer.