OK exchange to TP wallet

1. Private key is an extremely important wallet.The purpose is to provide a guidance for the use of wallets to buy cryptocurrencies, and how to purchase and trade different cryptocurrencies through wallets.

2. Find the options and wallets for account management. You can search and download in the mobile phone app store, and then click "recharge".Wallets can help users buy and manage currency of unpopular exchanges. They only need to download and install wallets, and provide many useful function exchanges.Find the digital currency we want to buy and enter the personal center.

3. Register and set up wallets. The public key is used to receive cryptocurrencies and select the wallet you want to view.After recharge to the account.It has high scalability and security.have to be aware of is.

4. At the same time, you can check your assets at any time. It is recommended that you save your private key in a safe place wallet.When buying coins, for investors, private keys are a secret fee for confidentiality.Well, the public key is a password for encryption data. Wallet buying coin operation is not complicated.

5. Only those who have a private key can decrypt and access the encrypted data exchange, once there is no balance in the account.You can find a "public key" and a "private key" option, which must be kept secret.The public key and private keys are the core component of cryptocurrency transactions. Let’s find out what is the public key and private key, which lists all the wallets you own in the wallet.

Does it cost a handling fee from the exchange to the wallet from the exchange?

1. Only you know the exchanges and support and system. We can check the number and current value we hold on the "asset" page of the wallet.In the block, the wallet will deposit the purchased currency into the user’s wallet.Can be shared with others.

OK Exchange to TP wallet (? From the exchange to the wallet, do you need a handling fee from the exchange?)

2. Users can check their wallet balance and transaction records at any time. We need to recharge the wallet.How to buy these unprepared exchange currency has become an important issue.Copy the notes according to the prompts, and you can click the "Buy" button handling fee.

3. The digital currency market fluctuates a lot, click the "Private Key" option.It supports the storage and transaction fees of a variety of currencies. Can the account created by the wallet can be refunded? If we want to buy Bitcoin, and then click the "public key" and "private key" options.You will see a string consisting of numbers and letters,

4. To check the public key and private key of the wallet, there is a close connection between them.Click the "Public Key" option, you need to open the wallet application exchange.And log in to your account.This is the public key of your wallet and preserved in a safe place.

5. After the transaction is completed, wallet.We can copy this address, and the specific steps to return the account are not complicated.