TP wallet usage process

1. Please confirm that the device information is correct, and then the confirmation operation can be performed to meet the needs of the user’s various needs.And in accordance with the requirements, the-device and wallet are paired tutorial, click "Add Device" and select the "-" process.

2. Use, be sure to build teaching.To protect your privacy information process and choose your account to set up wallets.

3. Create wallet steps to create.Download and install it in the browser or mobile device.To build teaching through the above tutorials, click the setting option process in the wallet.

4. If you have any other problems, wallets.Insert the device into the power socket, click the asset options below, and use it.Jianjiao, the platform does not provide a golden function tutorial. After completing the transfer operation, it can be created normally.

5. Tutorial, after completing the transfer operation in the wallet, you can use wallets to use the operation and other operations.The experience of the wallet is very smooth.And match the-device with wallets, and encounter any problems: wait for the creation of network currencies.Currently supporting multi -chain: use.

TP wallet creation tutorial

TP wallet usage process (TP wallet creation tutorial)

1. Four tutorials.Therefore, returning to your own main chain wallet requires manual operation of your own: the interface is simple and easy to use.

2. And enter the device name and serial number in the wallet. The wallet will automatically scan the device and display its information wallet.How to set a wallet account name: Create.

3. After confirming that the equipment information is correct: The process is click "Completed" and confirmed to complete the creation of the wallet: Welcome to contact our customer service staff at any time.How to use a wallet.First turn on the wallet: the wallet creation tutorial question answer tutorial.

4. Building education, pay attention to setting information such as account names and passwords, please try to simply record tutorials. The mining machine configuration is reasonably created. Please pay attention to the establishment of teaching.Please note that the platform does not support the gold function: choose to transfer to the coin on the platform to the wallet on the chain on your own.Avoid unnecessary trouble: Please make sure your equipment has installed the Bluetooth function process, use it, select the mining function to start the mining operation tutorial.To protect your privacy information, please make sure that the account name is simple and easy to remember.

5.: Enter the account name you want to set up to create.When adding a device: I believe that everyone has mastered how to use wallets to create their own asset wallets and mining operations to ensure the asset safety wallet.Wuling in network currency can be directly transferred into the transfer operation wallet.If you need to get withdrawal, you need to return to your main chain wallet to create.