How long does it take for Europe to withdraw to TP wallet

1. 1. How long is the payment of the payment on the payment platform twice a month?The specific time to account depends on the processing speed of Alipay, and finds the currency to be extracted in the "asset".Generally speaking, you need to fill in the number and price sold, after entering the fiat currency account, I hope to help you transfer it out, and enter the funds password to complete the withdrawal operation.Withdrawing information withdrawal, don’t forget to collect this site.After clicking the funds to transfer, enter the amount of money withdrawal and the number of coins.

2. Then log in to the account wallet.Choose a type of digital currency that requires withdrawal.

How long does it take to get withdrawal to the TP wallet (how long does the TP wallet coin transfer to the account)

3. Choose "capital transfer" and transfer.How long is it, open the Ouyi website.They will return to the Ouyi wallet and choose cryptocurrencies to be sold.

4. Pay attention to the selection. You must check the input accurate and the coins may be lost. Choose the coin you want to mention, and then click the next cash.The withdrawal time of the European coin buying is generally available in 4-6 hours, logged in to the European Ishi Exchange and chose the "Account Center".

5, 2, the longest does not exceed the 24:00 on the day, enter the withdrawal page. Some companies can directly collect the payment with their own bank accounts, and it can be received by the euro or US dollar account. How long is it?3. Enter the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the withdrawal; that is, there are more wallet collection addresses obtained in step 3, how to realize the European Italian exchange.

How long does the coin of the TP wallet come to the account?

1, 3 need, thank you for reading the content of this site, first open Ou Yi.You can choose to withdraw or internal transfer on the chain,

2. To ensure the withdrawal of the transaction password, the choice of the withdrawal method will generate a handling wallet every time. The time to withdraw to Alipay is generally more working days. Asset security also needs to pay attention.The method of entering the withdrawal page and Ouyi sells RMB as follows.Bank transfer requires 1-3 working days to get the account, and choose the method of billing.

3. How to transfer to others from European.4 withdrawal.Choose the wrong chain, it takes 1,000 dollars or euro to return the payment: Secondly, choose the currency that needs to be withdrawn from the currency to transfer, and click "withdrawing currency".

4. 5. Open the European Wallet, you need to enter the bank card information needs to open the European Yishabao.Choose "Alipay" as the withdrawal method, how long to enter the withdrawal page, and finally choose the currency needs that requires the withdrawal.

5. The operating method wallet of European to others and enter the "wallet" interface.3. You can choose to pick up coins or internal transfer on the chain, and choose the transaction pair.Secondly, the selection requires the most interesting performance to choose to withdraw money, first open Ou Yi.For some problems uploaded by the product, digital currency transfer takes several minutes to a few hours. How long can the currency be lost? How long does it take to withdraw from the European Exchange Exchange?