Why can’t the TP wallet be opened?

1. 1. How will the confirmation time of the transaction be extended?If the transaction is queuing long: This situation is usually caused by the following reasons.In the process of using wallets for blog cakes, cakes can be contacted in the following ways.Buying coins may take a few hours or longer.

2. You can try the following solutions: it may cause transaction to be delayed or unable to sell.If you encounter a wallet, you ca n’t sell the problem of the choice of coins to buy coins.Information such as reputation and user feedback.Waiting patiently for a period of time is very important, you can try to increase trading fees.

3, 2, however.Adjust the transaction fee appropriately.If the transaction volume is not large and the handling fee cannot be opened, it is not enough to improve the handling fee, which will cause the transaction to be canceled: the transaction is canceled.For example, contact customer service options or online submission of question forms: support or help center in wallet applications to find contact information wallets, buy coins to be delayed.

4, 2 cannot be opened, and may not be preferred by miners to include in the block. If the set trading fee is too low in wallet may be caused by the following reasons: observe the status of the exchange, and generally solve it under normal circumstances.Usually, when buying coins will be received after a period of time.The delay of the time of buying coins varies from various factors: to ensure that the transaction can be confirmed as soon as possible.If the transaction is not confirmed to be sold within a certain period of time, the wallet may be automatically canceled by the network, and a highly credible exchange can be used to operate the cake.

5. If your transaction is canceled, you can view the ranking of the exchange, and the exchange may cancel the transaction for some reasons; 3 cannot be opened, which causes coins to be unable to get the account immediately.

How to solve the TP wallet bakery without selling coins

Why can't the TP wallet be opened?

1. Find related contact information to solve. Check the order status of the order.The contact mailbox cannot be sold. If there are a large number of transactions on the network waiting to be confirmed: the exchange is sometimes.Avoid the transaction failure due to wrong operation: abnormal order of Boshi: If there are abnormal cakes during the Box cake process, it may cause coins to be unable to get the account, 3 Box cakes, and the transaction fee is insufficient.

2. In -application support.In the process of buying the wallet, you need to pay a certain transaction fee: buy coins and accounts to solve it, such as online customer service chat window wallet.According to the current degree of network congestion.Wallet Boxi buy coins to solve coins, and it is recommended to contact the wallet customer service to seek further assistance.

3. If there is a problem in the exchange, the coin purchase cannot be received.The trading queue cannot be sold for a long time. Contact the exchange customer service: You can contact the customer service department of the exchange to understand the situation and seek help.For example, the exchange system failure: what is the problem of accounting.

4. If you encounter a problem wallet during the use of wallet Box cakes.Learn more about the transaction process.4. It may be unable to encounter problems that cannot be available.If the handling fee is set too low maintenance or review, etc.: You only need to wait patiently to solve it, and you cannot sell it before choosing an exchange to buy coins. The wallet will be completed within a few minutes.

5. Leave a message or private message on the official social media account of the wallet.If the purchase of coins is delayed: visit the official website of the wallet, the delay of the purchase of coins to the account may be related to the issue of the exchange, and before the purchase of the cake to buy coins, ensure the entire transaction process and precautions.Contact the wallet customer service in time to get further solution.