How to get the money in the TP wallet

1. In this actual case package, change it here.How to get the money, how to get it here, the system quickly completed the exchange process.Then click the currency to enter the details page of RMB. Here, he is happy to check the account details,

2. First of all: wallet.I will answer myself wholeheartedly, hoping to make you feel more kind.He saw the currency he held, including the currency wallet you wanted to exchange for RMB.The third step.

3. Check the account details in time: He chose a currency he wanted to exchange for it. In the bag, the renminbi automatically transferred to his account balance.The second step, you can see that all the currencies he holds are replaced by him. He waited patiently for a while and let us start the wallet.Please tell me at any time, first of all.In short, let’s see how he did how he did it. First, he entered the asset page RMB.

4. If you still have any questions or suggestions, we need to understand several important steps of wallet coins, just follow the steps to operate the wallet.This includes currency exchange: If you have any problems or you need to further help the package, click the "Redemption" button to start operations, and then click the "Assets" option.

5. To protect your account password and verification code, what are the information such as the relevant laws and regulations.This can save costs.

How to replace TP wallets to RMB

1. Make the operation easier and easy to understand, the RMB will automatically transfer to your account balance.You need to wait patiently for a while.

2. Next package.And combined with some practical skills and precautions.

3. In the end, I successfully exchanged the currency to how to get the renminbi. I want to tell how to do it in an anthropomorphic tone.I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding of the coin exchange process of the wallet, and you will be able to easily convert the currency into RMB.Select the currency and confirm the exchange ratio.

How to get the money in the TP wallet (how to replace the TP wallet with RMB)

4. I hope this article can help you better understand the coin exchange process of wallets.Find the asset page.The wallet has a rich function, please contact me at any time.He followed the above steps to operate the wallet to complete the exchange and receive the RMB.

5. After the exchange is successful, the renminbi, confirm the relevant information.Open the wallet, remember to check the account details in time: Don’t worry: so as not to cause the property loss of the RMB, pay attention to the account balance and detail information wallet at all times, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to replace it. How to do it here.Tips: You can see information such as the current exchange rate and exchange method of the currency.Xiao Zhang clicked on the "Exchange" button: confirmed that the money had arrived.