TP wallet no pledge mining

1. Some tokens may need to be manually added to the wallet pledge so that they can log in to the wallet mining. Some tokens may have similar names or symbol wallets.If you still cannot solve the problem of mining that is not displayed in the balance.However, the balance was not displayed correctly and logged in again.

2. Explain to them and provide the necessary detailed information wallets.Find the synchronization or refresh option in the wallet, and ensure that it stable and normal work pledge.

3. Whether to receive other tokens unexpectedly, there may be transaction errors that cause the balance display errors. It is recommended to contact the customer service team of the wallet to seek help.So that they can better help you solve the problem of the error display of the balance.When you transfer or receive your wallet, verify whether your wallet address is correctly pledged.

4. It takes some time to update the balance wallet, and find a synchronous or refresh option mining in the wallet.And click to update the balance of the wallet.In order to correctly display it in the balance, it is recommended to contact the wallet’s customer service team.

5. Exit the wallet application mining, you may encounter your wallet to account.You can try the following methods pledge.

TPTOKEN wallet

1. If you want to manually update the wallet balance.Check your-or mobile data connection mining, please contact the other party as soon as possible to solve the pledge.If you use multiple wallets or other wallets to apply wallet.

2. Confirm that you have successfully transferred to your wallet address mining.Then check your wallet balance again.If your wallet balance is always displayed as 0 mining, make sure you remember your login voucher.If you receive it, you are not displayed in the wallet balance and click on them to synchronize the wallet data.

TP wallet no pledge mining (TPTOKEN wallet)

3. When confirming the error of the balance, please wait patiently for a while.This may help refresh the balance of wallets and solve the display problem, leading to misleading pledge.It may take some time to confirm this trading wallet and confirm whether it has been sent to your wallet address.

4. This can force wallets to obtain the latest data and show the correct balance mining.Seek help and support pledge from them, and try to add related tokens mining in wallet settings or asset management.There are several possible reasons and solutions to pledge. It is recommended to contact the wallet’s customer service team wallet.If there are wrong trading wallets.

5. Try to wait for a period of mining so that they can better understand the problem and provide solution pledge.And click on them to pledge the data of synchronous wallets.Make sure you use the correct wallet associated with you when you receive it, and then check the wallet your wallet again.Check the transaction records or blockchain browser mining.