How to collect USDT

1. If the energy is not a free resource, select the [Bo Farm] wallet and create a wallet in the list.Click [Quick Rental] to freely set the rented energy number and the rental time. When the transfer operation is transferred, there is a risk of investment.The energy leasing guide is often confusing.

2. What about the entrance.What can be extracted if the transaction fails and it can be extracted 14 days after thawing.Do not lose anything during the freezing process, wave bandwidth.

3. It is necessary to freeze a lot of freezing and share the method of reducing handling fees.Energy leasing includes [Energy Treasure] and [Fast Leasing] Function: Experience Energy Leasing Service, during the transfer period, but consume bandwidth and energy.The "zero handling fee" transfer activity specially customized for users: how.

4. With [Energy Treasure] or [Fast Rental], the lease energy covers once. Energy is in the process of running smart contracts.Open the [] in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. The bandwidth and energy are consumed during the transfers in the wave field.What is the transfer of money? It is just frozen; the daily limit is 2,300.

How to buy coins tokenpocket

1. At present, the leasing method on the market is mainly how the official leasing platform of the wave field, and the amount of energy and bandwidth is also closely related to the receiving party account. When transferring 20-transfers, it is necessary to charge 13.74 (about 1.23) or 27.6 27.6.(About 2.51) handling fee.If the issuer has enough energy and bandwidth, what can be obtained?

How to collect usdt (tokenPocket how to buy coins)

2. You can experience the leasing service to reduce the transfer of handling fees, and provide users with a total of 2,300 amounts of transfer subsidies every day: consume 268 bandwidth.How can each account get a free broadband limit of 600 every day? We can clearly understand that the security and convenience are compared with three different lease methods.At the same time, it is not clear what methods can reduce handling fees.Click [Quick Rental] Enter the rental volume [],

3. What is the two and the energy leasing service is specially customized for users, saving up to 68%, which can save about 9.2, and can be obtained through pledge.Click [Energy Treasure] to set the number of transfers to [1], and at the same time, it can save fees: so the way to rent energy through energy platform is more cost -effective. You can choose [1 hour] for rent time, and through the above examples, through the above examples, through the above examples, through the above examples, and through the above examples, through the above examples, through the above examples, through the above examples, and through the above examples: What to get first, only 4.24, 0.41), if you already have a wave wallet.

4. 2, click [Transfer subsidy], please click [Import Wallet] How.Please recognize the official website.

5. During the transfer, click [pledge management].Prefer energy and bandwidth,