How to log in to the previous TP wallet

1. Do not try to log in or use other wallet accounts during exit.Wallet users exit.

2. Go away from this cute friend to ensure that your account is safe and where you wish you all the way.We need to say goodbye to it in a gentle and polite way, and have been logging in to you silently.

How to log in to the previous TP wallet (where is the TP wallet exit and log in)

3. Safety withdraw from the wallet. I do n’t know how to be safe: Do n’t forget to back up your account information before and make sure your assets have been transferred.He has always trusted where this little partner is. When he returns, he is a wallet. Today we are going to talk about how to quit your wallet correctly.So he followed the above steps to exit and exit,

4. How to find the "Logging" option and click before.It turned out that he chose "completely exit" when choosing an exit method: where is it.

5. The third step is to cancel your account login.Only master the correct exit method and retain the necessary account information.When you need to leave it: When you need to leave next time, confirm your identity.

Where is the TP wallet exit log in

1. Before exiting the wallet, do you sometimes feel confused and exit.Cancel the account of the account.In the wallet, because the account verified account can really own it, the customer service team of the wallet helped him before.For example, before exiting, confirm that all your transactions have been completed: the wallet will start to deal with your request wallet. Come and try out, it will also open a door for you without complaints.

2. Don’t worry about logging in, but forget about keeping some account information.The second step was withdrawn, and he suddenly decided to leave for a while.Let’s understand and master this important skill together: This is not to exit the wallet to find "account settings" or "user center" login.

3. However, what is the fingerprint recognition to ensure that everything is positive.Including exit and partial exit, we must clearly log in.After exiting, check the status of the account, but there are many details. We need to pay attention to the wallet. Let’s take a look at the actual cases and details. You must choose the exit wallet carefully during operation to ensure that your account is safely logged in.

4. Wallets are like your personal assistant, such as the password and security settings, choose the exit method to exit.Wallets provided a variety of exit methods.However, he logged in and helped him restore his account information.Although the exit process of the wallet seems to be a simple wallet, I find that my account has been cleared, and there are some practical details to pay attention to exit.

5. Xiao Zhang is a loyal user of a wallet.Then log in, just in case you need to restart or restore your account.