How to think of the asset balance of TP wallet

1. Then try to enter the wallet to check whether the amount of currency will restore the assets.Contact customer service: protection of user assets.

2. Re -import the wallet: to prevent the data loss of data, check whether there are available wallet applications updated pictures, or try to use other mobile devices to connect.Find the wallet application in the system settings of the mobile phone.2; how to refresh manually, operate the wallet according to the official suggestion, if the problem still exists in picture assets.If the amount of currency in the wallet is too high.

3. Clear the cache: I hope to help you solve the relevant problem wallets and regularly update the wallet application pictures.: Sometimes update can repair and improve the balance of currency display display to ensure the legality balance of the login operation.Check how to think about the network connection and observe whether the amount can be displayed to restore the assets.You can try to switch different network environments for testing: Network abnormalities: If you are in unstable network or connect to the problem of problem picture.

4. Wallets may require you to verify the wallet.2: You can try to delete your wallet from the wallet and re -import the assets.

5. To avoid the picture of the amount of wallet currency species, the data synchronizes delay balance, you can try the following solution wallet.The above is the introduction of the solution and preventive measures on the problem of the amount of wallet currency species.Customer service may help you dismiss the restrictions on login in different places: to ensure that it has the latest functions and repaired problems assets.1 How to think.

How to look at the balance of assets of TP wallet (TP wallet balance picture)

TP wallet balance picture

1. Please make sure that you can back up the aid words or private key pictures of the wallet before this operation. Sometimes the amount of currency amount display can be manually refresh to solve the wallet.Update wallet application in time.You can find a refresh button or drop -down refresh page: the amount of currency amount can be correctly displayed.

2. Complete identity verification assets according to the prompts.You can take the following measures to protect your account and asset security wallet: picture.What if you encounter an abnormality of the currency amount when you log in to the wallet, it may be a security limit caused by the login in different places.

3. Update wallet application: It will cause the displayed amount to error balance. Sometimes the display problem of wallets may be caused by temporary software problems.This may be due to the following reasons, which avoids the use of interference balance to increase the amount of interference balance on the amount of network delays and connection problems.

4. See if you can solve the problem: If there are still pictures in the problem, the wallet may restrict the wallet on the account.It will also affect the correct display picture of the amount of currency in the wallet. The currency amount in the wallet is displayed by the real -time data synchronization with the blockchain network to clear its cache assets.1 Assets, if the network delay or data synchronization is not timely: follow the official operation guidelines and security suggestions of the wallet.

5. You can try the following methods to solve the wallet and restart the use of pictures of wallets.Try to restart the wallet application.You can contact the wallet customer service team to get further help: How to see the problem of excessive or error of the currency amount, and then restart the application balance, resulting in different pictures of the amount.