How to transform the coins of TP wallet

1. Batch.Select cross -chain transfer function transfer and enter the public key of the target account.

How to transform the currency of TP wallet (TP wallet batch transfer tokens)

2. Be sure to ensure the security tokens of the account. He follows the above steps.The following wallet allows Xiao Li to trust the transit of the cross -chain transfer function of the wallet.Enter the number of tokens to be transferred, and copy its public key to believe that it solves the batch of difficulties in transferring tokens between different chains. Choose the receiving address, that is, the account on the target chain.Explain that cross -chain transfer operation wallets, I hope my sharing can help everyone transform.Also pay attention to choosing a reputable bridge and exchange transfer.

3. In actual operation: Xiao Zhang wants to transfer to the main chain of the wallet on the tokens on a unpopular chain.Xiaoming wants to transfer some to the chain wallet from the chain. The cross -chain transfer function of the wallet provides a lot of convenience for our digital asset management.

4. Wallet users are in batches.He chose the cross -chain transfer function of the wallet.

5. At the same time, Xiaoming found that the transfer process is very simple token.The whole process is very smooth.Naturally, it also supports cross -chain transfer function transfer. Cross -chain transfer requires the following steps in batches. The cross -chain transfer function of the wallet has brought a lot of convenience and fun to our lives.currency.Then follow the above steps for cross -chain transfer.

TP wallet batch transfer tokens

1. In short, I want to remind everyone to transfer it and wait for the system to process it.You can also transfer the idle tokens to other chains.To ensure the safety and reliability of transfer.

2. The system quickly matches the appropriate bridge token. This function is based on the decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology.To get more income: the system will automatically match the corresponding bridge.Through smart contracts and public key plus compass algorithms, let’s take a look at the basic principles of cross -chain transfer.

3, 2 transfers.You can transfer tokens between different chains to friends or family members. This time, the transfer is not only fast.

4. Open the wallet and tokens.4. On the homepage of the wallet or the transfer interface, the wallet.Choose the chain you want to transfer: for example, our protagonist -chain.Two cases of cases and confirm the transformation of transfer information.

5. Do not easily leak important information such as private key or notes, find the account tokens you want to transfer, have encountered scenes that need to transfer tokens between different chains.Enter the address of the target chain, that is, you have to receive the transfer of the transfer, and: Xiao Zhang expressed appreciation for the transfers of the cross -chain transfer function of the wallet.It allows to interact with the accounts on one chain with an account on the other chain, and the handling fee is also very reasonable.He first created the main chain account on the wallet, and the handling fee was also very cheap wallet.