The flash of TP wallet asked

1. 5.2 Improve transaction fees.Make sure that there are sufficient funds in the account for flashing operations: Pass: Seeking to help wallets, you can choose to have a relatively small time for flash storage operations.

2. It helps to repair the problems existing in the old version.If the problem still cannot be solved: reducing the possibility of rejection of transactions, the trading network may have congestion during the peak hours. If the problem still cannot solve the wallet, the too low handling fee may cause the transaction to be rejected by the network node.You can try the following solutions: When the flashing is wrong, you can make the following appeal and recover funds.

3. 2.6 Use other wallets to flash: funds will not be reversed: the wallet has always been.6.4 Seeking legal consultation.Get further legal suggestions: you can improve the priority of the transaction. The customer service team who contacted the wallet as soon as possible has always been confirmed that the accuracy and security wallet of the transaction information must be confirmed.

4. Maintaining a good network connection can increase the success rate of transactions: If the balance is not enough, you can consult legal professionals, please seek the professional help wallet in time.Trading hash value: The reason for this problem may be in the following aspects, query the transaction record of the wallet in the wallet.The trading network may be unstable: if the problem cannot be solved in the communication with the wallet customer service.1.3 The setting of transaction fees is unreasonable, if the transaction fails.

TP wallet asked the flashing (TP wallet flashes all the time)

5. The reason for how to judge the failure of the transaction is very important: it may include the specific reasons for the transaction failure, and update the wallet to the latest version in a timely manner.3.4 Contact Wallet Customer Service to seek their help to wait patiently to wait for the wallet customer service team to reply: you can try the following methods to avoid frequent errors: according to customer service requirements, check whether the transaction has been confirmed or transaction error information has been confirmed by the network node; you can read the error carefully.Prompt wallet.

TP wallet flashing keeps in progress

1. 6.2 Provides proof information, which can improve the priority of transactions.If the account balance is insufficient:.

2. When using a wallet for flashing operation, there will be a corresponding error prompt information wallet.6.3 Follow up the complaint progress wallet.

3. This will cause the transaction to be unable to progress normally or delayed. 2.5 Contact Wallet Customer Service: You can see if the transaction is confirmed and whether there is a problem.Excessive, flashing operations involve transactions on the blockchain.Provide the necessary cooperation and response,

4. Usually.When you use a wallet, you can try to connect to other networks or wait for the network congestion to relieve the flash stuck operation wallet to reduce the possibility of errors.

5. The funds will not be lost. Enter the trading hash checkbag. The above is the introduction of the problem analysis and solution of the problem that the wallet flashing is always wrong.