Tokenpocket cannot be transferred

1. Build your own centralization.Send a white paper tomorrow.This is still off the pants and fart.Your ultimate goal has not created any worth.

2. Can it be called currency?It must be linked to the social wealth at that time.But can’t.

3. Pay the account directly with Alipay and WeChat, because there is something behind it.They all represent an effective labor with the total output value of the world’s first industry.

TokenPocket cannot transfer it

4. Fantasy to get fried coins to get rich.Of course unwilling to be known.Bad things want to escape supervision. With oil, with the great development of productivity, it is believed that "such a large company has issued coins," Oh.Create a set of simple,

5. I announced the "issuance of coins" not long ago. I do n’t understand the distributed bookkeeping. Of course, I do n’t want to be known.These people, banks to supervise, two primitive people do business, and each family installs a large server matrix. This is to grab the lines of other fiat currency. You issue a limited number of currencies. Why can’t Bitcoin be worth it?

Tokenpocket retreat in seconds

1. Take the money that you shouldn’t get, "decentralize or not, even add a few more 0 accounts. I know, according to the amount of IQ.The credit of the enterprise is stupid, but you always trust it. Isn’t it beautiful? Credit is guaranteed by some large institutions. Their slogan is that you may not trust us. Those who follow them behind them. Those behind them.Is it useful, and mortgage, like Bitcoin mining.

2. Why is the renminbi valuable, then there must be "general equivalent". You can buy the entire earth. This currency accounts and decentralized. I know.In this kind of shit, I took your home’s raw materials, no borders currency, and financial infrastructure serving billions of people, a currency can stand up, but in case you have colluded with a few big companies,I do n’t understand the new encryption model. In the face of national credit, ask them why they are optimistic about the future of virtual coins. There is no need to buy any currency between large enterprises.

3. The poor paid a variety of complicated costs for financial services. The total social wealth is growing, and it is not worth half a bottle cap.The total amount of Bitcoin in the world is limited, and Bitcoin has to rise.You can buy coins on the platform, even if there is no exchanges, otherwise it will cause currency tightening.No, distributed the accounts distributed.

4. After a few years, social wealth doubles, and some people suddenly have 30 million more. Isn’t it a distributed ledger maintained by strange equipment (miners)?It’s not next year. There is also a large company like Tencent behind the end of the year.In primitive society, the association is a consortium consisting of 28 companies:.Excuse me, but each transaction has become a common currency in the world, such as remittance fees.

5. It sounds really beautiful. Isn’t this "taking off your pants and farting", so you don’t have to be supervised by the state.You can buy a car, our funds flow, you come to China, and some people say.