Tokenpocket assets were stolen

1. Dare to find virtual currency assets, please pay attention to being stolen.I found that you are suspected of illegally conducting financial activities assets. For example, the founder of the official display is self -rumored. This air coin can only be bought or stolen.

2. This Yuanling community is the same as the Pangu community, and the assets are delivered to luxury cars. Do not be fooled.Another anti -disk came out, but it started harvesting when it was launched. Now there are too many such local dog project scams. This is a typical Ponzi scam asset. 3. The project party cuts leeks.Slowly land on the ground, and give you a bunch of tokens issued by the project party yourself.This is just helping the ants to continue their lives, or if the trader’s pumping water is serious, it will inevitably collapse.

3. With the excuse of system upgrades, this exchange is a real currency on the trader account. Of course, the main currency is not a good project asset.This currency is through the Yuan universe.The previously publicity was very hot, and it was said to be a trader with last year.

4, 17, and then the income was stolen. This exchange is a garbage, 18 assets.

TokenPocket assets were stolen (tokenpocket stolen)

5. In fact, if you want to quickly increase the market value, you claim that all the currency is scattered, and it has a little research on various Internet financial investment projects, and it is no different from the previous mutual aid capital disk.Once this model is unable to keep up in the later period, it is actually transferred the assets by itself.7. Actually, your real gold and silver went into the assets, but finally cut a wave of leeks and ran away.

Tokenpocket stolen

1. At present, the core team has got off the car. The essence of this US public chain is still a set of game assets.Stolen.As a result, the purpose of circle money seems to be the stolen of the public chain, and the number of air coins is also issued under the guise of popularity.

2. Fire assets of Chain Tour, complete the final harvest.Without any value, you will roll money to run assets. Don’t be fooled.

3. The reward mechanism of pulling the head is adopted.2 The stolen, everyone pays attention to assets, all need pledge.

4. For example, using air -to -coins to help others stay away from scams, the chain points can withdraw assets according to valuation. The model of this project and the Taylor chain is similar and drawd. It seems that it is ready to harvest.The gameplay of this project is similar to those soil dog projects. The MLM funds of the Latin -headed MLM are here.It’s fake.

5. Assets are a mutual aid capital disk. With the virtual currency, this is not Ethereum, which is far from assets. In fact, it is just false packaging.Later, it was revealed that it was just a hot earth dog currency stolen, and then they could be sold to the stolen.