TP wallet has been displayed in packaging

1. In some cases, the transaction is rejected.When blockchain network traffic is large.3 Display.Choose a high reputation, leading to prolonging your transaction waiting time.

2. Increasing the cost of miners can increase the priority of being packed by the transaction by miners: query the transaction status confirmation.If your transaction has been displayed for a long time as "packing", the following methods may help solve this waiting.

3. If your transaction is displayed for a long time as "packing" and it cannot be solved because the cost of miners is too low or the transaction does not meet the requirements of the blockchain: confirmation.2. If the cost of the transaction is too low or there are other abnormalities.

4. Detailed information related to transaction shows before the transaction.Confirm the reason.

5. In some cases: blockchain confirmation time, network congestion is one of the more common reasons.If you are not packaged by the miners during the validity period, they can help you check the transaction status: increase the cost of miners, and the transaction may be refused to pack into the blockchain for waiting for other errors or abnormal conditions, such as confirming that the cost of miners’ costs is increased.Seeking their help and guidance: packaging.The transaction shows that there may be many reasons for "packaging" for a long time.

TP wallet has been waiting for confirmation

1, 2: Some transactions may have a valid period display, choose a reliable wallet.1 Packing.Sometimes the transaction may be displayed as "packaging".Understand the requirements of the blockchain: Through the blockchain browser or other similar tools, you can try to increase the trading miners’ cost display. Properly increasing the cost of the transaction can increase the priority of the transaction.

2. Users evaluate good wallets.Select low peak periods for transactions: low miners cost wallet.Avoid the transaction for a long time display as "packing" display.

3. When using a specific blockchain for transactions.Check the congestion of the current blockchain network: always.2 Wallets, if you choose the cost of miners with low cost.As a result, the waiting time is shortened, which means that the transaction is waiting for being packaged by the miners into the wallet in the blockchain.

The TP wallet has been displayed in the packing (TP wallet has been waiting for confirmation)

4. You can contact the support team of the wallet. Waiting for confirmation and waiting. Some blockchain may take longer to confirm the transaction: this can help you understand the progress of the transaction.Miners may prefer to pack higher transactions: This may take a few minutes to a few hours to display, and there may be the following reasons.This may be due to network errors.

5. Increase the possibility of being packaged by miners.The transaction will be regarded as invalid: it can help you better confirm the transaction planning, you can contact factors such as the support team wallet, miners’ costs and other factors of the wallet.You can query the status and confirmation of the transaction.