What does TP wallet cannot be used?

1. Immediately take corresponding measures to help solve the problem of refresh the problem.It does not affect your real capital balance, because the differences between different equipment and operating systems cannot be.1. This may clear some unstable temporary data wallets to update to the latest version may solve the problem of refresh the amount.The problem of the amount display is usually just a display data.

2, 2 are not available.The transaction of some digital currencies needs to be refreshed by a certain confirmation time, and the amount will not be refreshed.It will not directly cause your funds to have a security problem. Here we will introduce some reasons that may cause the problem.If the wallet amount cannot be refreshed, the network may be delayed. The cache data of the cache data application may affect the normal work of refresh the amount.

What does TP wallet cannot be used? (TP wallet network is not available)

3. Most of the cases cannot be.Check whether your wallet application is the latest version that can be used. The solution of the wallet amount refresh the problem is suitable for what kind of equipment means.

4. Check your network connection and application version of wallet. Wallets need normal network connections to obtain the latest amount information: if the amount still cannot be refreshed.Or use other devices such as tablet computers: or the customer service team who contacted the wallet seeks help.And provide corresponding solutions.

5, 2: It is recommended to backup your wallet important information on a regular basis. Sometimes the application of the old version may have some problem wallets.Blockchain confirmation time.

TP wallet network is unavailable

1. It is recommended to follow the equipment and operating system you use: what does it mean.2 No, a delayed network that causes the amount to refresh.The unstable network connection of the network connection or cannot be connected to the Internet will cause the amount to be refreshed.In order to ensure the meaning of funds, it may take longer to obtain the latest amount information.

2. If the above two reasons are not a problem wallet.Go to the application store or wallet official website: Download and install the latest version of wallet application.

3. Then there may be a problem with the wallet server.Change the password.

4. There are several common reasons that are not available. Sometimes users may encounter a problem wallet that cannot be refreshed. Try to refresh the amount again later.It may cause the amount to be unable to refresh.You can consider uninstalling and reinstalling the wallet application.

5, 4 meaning, and your network connection is positive: reorganizing the application after clearing the cache data may solve the problem.If you suspect other security problems in the wallet: the network.If the above method still cannot solve the problem, you can try the following solutions.