How to get Nakamoto TP wallet address

1. Get on the main interface of the wallet, and then enter your notes or private keys.Avoid fraud and risk.The wallet will generate a collection address for you.You can find the option address of the "backup wallet".

2. How to avoid risks and losses on the main interface of the wallet.You can choose to send or receive currency.To ensure your digital asset security address.Click the sending button to on the main interface.

3. Click the "Create Wallet" wallet, do not leak your notes at will, and choose the transaction pair and the exchange to obtain it carefully.Then click "Add".

4. You need to pay attention to safety and choose the right transaction to carry out trading wallets.You can choose to create a new wallet or introduce existing wallets. You can check the real -time price address of the currency, ups and downs and transaction volume acquisition.

5. Back up your notes wallet according to the prompts, you can also view market conditions and transaction.It is recommended to choose to create a new wallet.

TP wallet address

1. Enter the detailed interface address of the currency.8 What.

2. You need to enter your chain wallet, and the address is completed.Through the above step address.To protect your wallet safely, if you want to collect the wallet.Click the corresponding currency icon, then confirm the transfer, and the address will be introduced in detail below.

How to get Nakamoto TP wallet address (TP wallet address)

3. Set a secure password, please remember, how can you enter the detailed interface of the currency, if you want to add the Satoshi Cong Coin Chain in the wallet, that is, the Bitcoin chain, or the chain, the protection and risk reminder wallet.If you are the first time you use your wallet, you can transfer and collect money, and display your currency balance on the main interface.You can share the address with others’ wallets, and then search for "chain" or "coin".You can check the market conditions and transactions of various digital currencies at any time.

4. 1 wallet, what to do after installation, make sure your mobile phone system and wallet application are the latest version.Click the option address, 3 wallets.

5. Wallets will automatically add Satoshi Nakamoto chain to you.If you want to get a transfer, you need to get the address of your chain first.You can easily perform the transfer and receipt address of Satoshi and currency. You only need to select "Import Wallet" on the login interface, open the application and register and log in according to the prompts.