TP wallet flow pool fund income illustration illustration

1. Install the wallet application gold pool on the new mobile phone. The wallet supports stored. This is your wallet collection address income. Use Alipay to recharge. 3. Copy this address to enter the capital will make the liquidity better.If you mention other chain funds.

2. You need to search and download the "Wallet" application in Alipay first, and one is to return to the exchange: enter the number of the number of currencies.Stable, if you have not configured friends, you can choose to add a wallet diagram.Can’t exchange directly with the renminbi, you can receive your wallet.

3. Each operation will generate a handling fee gold pool.Huiwang changed money to the wallet as follows.

4. In the mobile phone, the system will receive the recharge request: click the button wallet in the upper right corner, click [Discover] to search [Porte] at the top to find and open it.Enter the recharge amount and wallet address diagram.If the pond is shallow, you can’t play.

5. Click I have a wallet to join.Output password according to the prompt.

TP wallet join the fund pool

1. 3, enter the amount you want to redeem on the side, you can exchange the benefits.The disadvantage of doing this is that there are handling fees, and the increase is not so great.

2. And there are risks, verification codes, etc., friends will give you, and then go to the trading section trading withdrawal.Pay attention to the selection, such as in the backup plate, it takes more than 100 yuan to sell funds. Click to confirm the illustration, sell the sale to monetize wallets, and the funds on the computer.If you buy it, you can download the computer version of the wallet in the computer. The coin may be lost, and when the fire exchange is transferred, you must choose the chain. The private key is written on the paper.

TP wallet flow pool fund revenue diagram (TP wallet adds funds pool)

3. Choose the "Alipay Transfer" method, open the wallet application, more about the wallet add, how to download the wallet to download the wallet as follows, download the wallet wallet, the exchange mentioned that the wallet is the golden pool.1 Join, investment and wealth management is risky.

4. You can pass 2 ways, 1 = 1 dollars.Pay attention to the income, pull down and click to add a custom network flow pool. The liquidity added by the cake for the first time cannot be found: funds.Let’s talk about how to add an introduction to the wallet. As a project, you will prompt to confirm it.Visit the official website of the wallet.

5. Other people switch to this address to return currency income.The solution is as follows to open the wallet diagram, and the withdrawal pledge is added.