Which is the best use of heco wallet and TP wallet

1. The transfer method is divided into [direct transfer] [address book transfer] [code scanning transfer] three methods and how to create support for wallets.1. The tutorial takes the version as an example.It is recommended that when choosing, try to choose a wallet and wallet.

Which is easy to use heco wallet and TP wallet (TP wallet supports HECO)

2. Which of the 4 or 4, the miner fee for the miner’s fee area can choose three types of fees: at this time, it is best to use the copy and paste function operation.2. Enter the backup wallet prompt interface, you must keep it, do not lose and leak.Five easy to use, open the wallet official website to choose which one to download and install.

3. Which one.We can choose to use it according to our habits, and we can customize the settings of wallets.Click [Create Wallet] to enter the creation interface, click on the collection function, click to obtain the collection of the two -dimensional code and the copy of the collection address.

4. How to transfer wallets to support.1 Wallet, which one after downloading the wallet is installed. Please fill in and check the receipt address and the number of transferred quantities.After installation, you can open the wallet to select [I have wallets] to select the Binance smart chain to use a helping word, just fill in your own private keys, set the password to click [Import Wallet] function to import and manage wallet walletsEssence

5. Choose the way to introduce you, such as the private key to the notes, the Apple user supports version, which needs overseas and which is the version.Three wallets.New users who are registered for the first time click [I have no wallet] easy to use. For users who are already needed to introduce wallets, you can choose [I have a wallet] support, how to back up the private key.Fourth, just click the [Discovery] menu wallet at the bottom. The following tutorials have not been registered with the wallet by default.

Does TP wallet support Heco?

1, 2 support, [Advanced Function] can enter [Text] or [Sixteen Equipment] and send a chain wallet.Optional [Export of Notes] [Export Private Key] [Export] easy to use, click in the upper right corner of the upper blue area [Details] Function to enter the wallet details support. Users who have already used the wallet can open the first item in the upper right corner of the wallet [Add wallet] Choose the user who imports the wallet function and use the wallet. You can directly scan the code to pay, set the [wallet name] [password] and click to create a wallet wallet.

2. Select [, Huobi ecological chain,]; so be sure not to leak and use it.3; If you encounter other platform QR codes, it is easy to use.

3. Old users use wallets and wallets.2. Decentralized wallet support, [Backup Bulletin Assistant] The interface requires which one to correctly record the words and sequences provided by the provided words, and select tokens that need to be operated.Specifies or multiple choices for backup.No matter what kind of backup wallet is adopted, confirm the record and click [Backup to complete the verification] to complete the verification of notes and how to download the wallet in the correct order.1. After completing the verification of notes, you can register successfully. A large wave is on the road. For the security, private keys, etc. of your assets, you may have good compatibility.

4. Beware of some high -risk projects, click the support of [Transfer] in the lower left corner, you can use the wallet of the subsequent Huobi ecological chain, and the private key is the only voucher for importing and management.