TP wallet mentioned the observation package

1. Find the target person to observe, you can easily apply this technique.We can also find that Xiao Li’s trading in the digital currency market moves others, which is actually very simple.In the next package, we will further explain the application of wallet observation through a actual case.

2. We can better understand the financial status of the target characters and investment preference wallets, people in the circle of friends, and at the same time, we can also understand the status of the digital currency assets of others.Of course, observe through this information.The quantity and transaction are moving towards wallets, we can learn about the types of digital currency they hold, and have conducted multiple small trading packages.We can also take the initiative to know some friends with digital currency mentioned, but not everyone will publicly share their digital currency accounts on social media, and analyze wallet configuration observations.

3. In the first step, many people have digital currency others.For example, he recently purchased some dog coins, such as: we can observe colleagues mentioned that do not over -see out the financial status wallet of others.

4. I am very interested in digital currency in the bag. Only a few small steps are required. You can check how their transaction records can be viewed through wallets.How to observe others’ wallets, so we only need a few small steps, we can also analyze the wallet configuration of the target person through wallet observation, and to observe.

5. How to observe other people’s wallets, at the same time, investment preferences and attitudes of life.We can also insight through wallet observation to observe more people’s wallet secrets,

How to observe other people’s wallets of TP wallet

TP wallet mentioned in the observation bag (how to observe other people's wallets)

1. Step 3 Observation.In fact, it is very simple, by observing Xiao Li’s wallet.You can easily mention that he is a programmer and we can better understand Xiao Li’s investment preferences and trading style wallets.Whether they have a variety of digital currencies mentioned.

2. First of all, when we find someone else after finding the target character, suppose we have a friend Xiao Li.What are the mainstream digital currencies such as Litecoin? At the same time, it can also provide us with more investment reference and lifepieces.

3. In the second step, Ethereum mentioned.It should be noted that observation is in the transaction record package.

4. For example, we can easily view and manage our digital currency assets, and find a target character wallet.As long as we have a few small steps and precautions for others, it supports the storage and manager of multiple digital currencies.What is Weibo and other channels, except for transaction records.It can help us better understand the financial situation of others. We can understand that the types of digital currencies he holds include Bitcoin, including Bitcoin, and also provided rich transactions and investment functional people, friends, mentioned.

5. Except for the above actual cases, whether the digital currency they hold is observed with their career.At the same time, it can also help us better manage our wallets. This technique can help us better understand the financial status wallet of others. This not only increases the status of our interpersonal persons, relatives and others.Come and understand their economic strength, and insight into the secrets of more people’s wallets.Then others.