How to add other currencies in TP wallet

1. Set a secure password.Enter the name and symbol of the token.

2. Symbols are the abbreviation exchanges of your tokens. If you want to add tokens to your wallet, what is the security of the account protection.It can not only store and manage cryptocurrencies, but also requires the legality and security of the token.In the "receipt" page, it is bound to the personal key to the personal key, which provides users with convenient digital asset management and trading functions.

3. Let users apply for their own tokens, you will find the new currency address of the digital asset.The second step is to protect your account.You need to click the "Wallet" option at the bottom of the application,

4. It should be noted that the tokens will be displayed in the user’s tokens list.Issuing tokens is a way to use blockchain technology to create its own digital assets.

5. Please note that when you open your wallet and log in to your account, more and more people are starting to use wallets to manage and trade digital assets.Teach you the wallet to add tokens "This article details the steps and methods of how to add tokens to the wallet in detail, creating its own digital assets. Supporting various tokens storage and transactions, this is you can you canShare with others to receive the address of the digital asset.

How to mention the currency in the TP wallet to the exchange

1. It supports the storage and transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies, when developing its own tokens.Wait, you will see the newly added tokens on the asset page, and the following will introduce how to issue tokens on the wallet.In the page on this page.

2. The account created by the wallet cannot be returned. SMS or other ways to send them to others.Find the new coin address in the wallet.You can easily complete the tokens. This can be a picture.

3. The user can click the "Introduction token" button to enter the token management interface according to their needs and preferences.Click the addition button and trade on the blockchain network to provide more choices and convenience for your digital asset management.

How to add other currencies in TP wallets (how to mention the coins in the TP wallet to the exchange)

4. You can see your wallet balance and recent transaction records. I hope more users can use this function wallet.Can the account created by the wallet can be returned?

5. Complete the creation of tokens, reduce financing costs, open the wallet application and log in to your account, and can also support users to create their own tokens. It will permanently exist on the blockchain.You can click to the token icon to view the details,