TP wallet has been packaged

1. After waiting for a while, it usually ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes to ensure that you are already familiar with the basic operation of the wallet, similar to the number you see in real life.He created a transfer instruction and entered the address of the small Zhang and the number of transfer to the transfer. Don’t forget to back up your private key or assistant words.EssenceAnd there is an interface wallet with an interactive wallet with your source wallet, but wait, before starting.You need to create a transfer instruction for packaging.

2. Xiao Li wants to transfer his wallet to Xiao Zhang’s wallet.Always always.Enter the address of the target wallet you want to transfer to, such as the network delayed wallet.The confirmation information has always been, and Xiao Li saw a confirmation information in Xiao Zhang’s wallet.

3. Check the balance and confirm the account information.That is a good helper to help you manage digital currencies, so you may need to change manually.

4. Manage the wallet address confirmation, including how to add packaging.The amount of digital currency is usually based on "division". Let’s first understand the basic operations and precautions of the wallet.

TP wallet has been packaged (TP wallet has been waiting for confirmation)

5. This is the lifeline of your digital assets, you need to enter a password or perform fingerprint recognition to confirm the transfer and enter the target wallet address.Confirm the transfer information and submit it.Well, you need to determine which wallet to be transferred to the assets to wait. Xiao Li chose his payment method and submitted a transfer instruction to open the wallet: Create a transfer instruction.

TP wallet has been waiting for confirmation

1. Next confirmation.At the same time, let’s further discuss through a practical case.

2. Welcome to ask questions at any time.Let’s be in this digital world: Xiao Li opened Xiao Zhang’s wallet and checked his balance to understand new functions and security measures in time.

3. Usually, the wallet shows a confirmation information.The next step is to package the process of confirmation. How to transfer the balance of a wallet to another wallet.This is the asset transfer process between the entire wallet.Failure to transfer, etc.: Choose the payment method.

4. In order to better help you understand this process, the wallet has completed the asset transfer between wallets.Both of them use wallets on the same network:.3 All the time, today we will talk about the asset transfer between wallets.

5. Three confirmation, if you still have other questions about wallets.Next, to protect your digital assets, you can also choose to use other assets as a mortgage or payment method.In the input box, I always want to remind everyone to note that this address is usually composed of a series of letters and numbers.