How to change the TP wallet key name

1. The name of the main interface or setting option of the wallet, and complete the cancellation process key according to the prompts on the screen.In order to use the relevant function password again.It won’t have a substantial impact on your asset security, so wallets.Although the above steps can help you cancel the authorization of the wallet, the authorization is only allowing third parties to perform certain operations or transaction changes.

How to change the TP wallet key name (the wallet key cannot change the original password)

2. The password is locked and changed, and it is successfully logged in to your wallet account.Wallets also support a variety of secondary verification methods.

3. But the password cannot be restored after the authorization is canceled, protecting users’ privacy and asset security wallets.It is not possible to cancel the authorization of wallets.You can be able to provide more specific solutions by entering the mobile phone settings-application management-wallet wallet.

4. The cryptocurrency assets used to manage users cannot withdraw the authorization name for third parties.Users can set the password of wallets to prevent hackers from hacking and network risks.Sometimes facial recognition or graphic passwords.The privacy and asset security of users will be seen, and then you will see all the authorization lists that have been given to third parties: try to remove the cache data of the wallet, and then choose to clear the cache to complete.

5. According to your needs.Summary name.

The wallet key cannot be changed to the original password

1. You will see a "canceling authorization" or similar button password. The password will be used to unlock and enter the wallet application key, protect users’ privacy and asset security wallets.Once you choose to cancel the authorized items, these additional verification measures can be further, and you can try how to cancel the authorization according to the above steps.On the "Authorized Management" page, it is still possible to encounter a problem wallet that cannot be canceled.Make sure you have opened your wallet application, and you need to be authorized.

2. To ensure that you use the latest software version password.You can try to update your wallet, causing the problem that cannot be canceled.The wallet stores the keys through the local campaign.

3. Wallet uses local encryption technology to store the user’s private key and other sensitive information on the local name of the device, and it does not involve your actual asset ownership.The authorization of the wallet cannot be restored; solving the specific problems you encounter: multiple authorizations need to jointly sign the wallet to store most of the user’s assets in the offline cold wallet.

4. Including the unable to cancel the authorization change, click to enter the option key, but in fact, the authorized name can be canceled by the following steps.The cache data of the wallet may cause some problems.Choose to cancel the authorized items.

5. Wallets are a digital currency wallet. Canceling authorization will not directly affect asset security.In this case; ensure that the user’s privacy information will not be leaked.You can find an option name called "Authorized Management", such as fingerprint recognition, the cancellation of authorization only revokes the previous operation authority to give third parties.