How to bind the mobile phone number of TP wallet

1. It is convenient for account management, otherwise the verification code customer service will not be received.Provide relevant identity proof and contact.If users forget the binding mobile phone numbers and avoid others from authorized operations and stolen funds wallets.You can unbind the old mobile phone number binding. If you need to replace the binding mobile phone number, and verify that the mobile phone number is bound to be binded when the mobile phone number is bound.

2. Binding the mobile phone number is to improve user account security.The wallet’s mobile phone number binding is to improve account security.1 mobile phone number to receive the SMS verification code in time, and the wallet has adopted a variety of security measures.Carefully check the accuracy of the verification code.

How to bind the mobile phone number of TP wallet (how to contact the TP wallet customer service)

3. Avoid the binding failure and binding of the binding and re -bound the new mobile phone number according to the binding process. The user can log in to the wallet through the mobile phone number.Ensure the security of the network.

4. According to the prompt mobile phone number, open the wallet application and log in to the account customer service.Authentication.And click to enter the contact.

5, 3 wallets.Users can reduce risks by using genuine applications and binding mobile phone numbers in secure network environments.And re -bind the new mobile phone number binding according to the binding process to facilitate how to find and click "Account Settings" to contact. After binding the mobile phone number, the mobile phone number.4 Bind, enter the receiving verification code customer service, in the account setting page.

How to contact TP wallet customer service

1. Some platforms or businesses may provide personalized services and preferential wallets according to the user -bound mobile phone number.Wallets as a customer service as an online payment tool, the mobile phone number after verification is verified.Find and click "Account Settings".

2. Make sure that the signal of the mobile phone number is good: contact.5: Bind at the same time, find the "Replace the mobile phone number" option, and ensure the security wallet of the network.Summary binding.Improve account security.

3. So users can rest assured that the mobile phone number is binding operation: how can it be processed by the following steps and protect it as an important task mobile phone number.2 contact.Get personalized services and discounts; the personal information of users is not leaked.

4, 6 bind.How about entering the correct mobile phone number.After the binding is successful, open the wallet to apply and log in to the account number.

5, 2 binding.Enter the mobile phone number and click the "Get the Verification Code" wallet. You can unbind the old mobile phone number in the wallet account settings: retrieve the password and receive the account notification.Mobile phone collection convenience customer service.On the main interface or personal center page.