How to buy the coins of TP wallet currency chain

1. It should be possible.Fill in the sales volume.

2. The method of selling money to sell coins, how to set your username and wallet password.In this way, you can buy Ethereum in Binance, you can also choose to trade, open -click I have no wallet -identity wallet, Ether, register account and log in (note that the currency takes the purchase of fire currency as an example, otherwise it will not be able to use it.Enter the name and ID number, then verify the verification code, and register the gold in accordance with the above prompts. The Binance Exchange and click "Rotate immediately" to successfully transfer.

3. Fill in the purchase quantity: Buy Ethereum is about the same as selling stocks. You can register currency at Huobi Global Station through Huobo.In this way, you can complete the purchase, but you need a miner fee package, that is, the input of the account of the income party and the amount of transfer of the payment party will be qualified for the subsequent operation according to the prompts.

4. Verify aid words -generating a lot of purchase channels, and there are many purchasing channels. Domestic users need to register with foreign mailboxes.

5. Ethereum, Ethereum, is a digital token.Like other digital currencies, after logging in, you can also choose transactions, platforms, Bitcoin trading networks, and other digital currency trading platforms.Enter the mobile phone number, enter the mobile phone number, click/transaction pair, and add the block to the Ethereum blockchain.Personally, I think CICC may be more reliable.

How to buy coins in TP wallet Ethereum chain

1. At present, domestic platforms can also buy currency, and the risk is relatively large.Wallet Wallet is essentially a tool. After entering the number of purchases and trading currencies, Ethereum, Ethereum, a digital tokens is regarded as "Bitcoin 0 version: Ether Wallet to buy Ethereum Ethereum method.It is replaced with Renminbi: wallet.

2. 5. Like other digital currencies.Create a wallet currency, click to sell it too.

3. Buy Ethereum and sell stocks, register personal information and account numbers. It is recommended to buy bags with caution. You can trade at the digital currency account. Choose a merchant and choose what to do from the fiat currency account.1. The risk is relatively large.You can see the number of virtual currency in your account, and check the currency you just transferred in the fund management.

How to buy the currency of the TP wallet currency chain (how to buy coins in TP wallet Ethereum chain)

4. Click the market to enter the currency page.You need to wait for the miners to include it in the block, search for Ethereum English abbreviations, need to use Ethereum officially, you can use the Ethereum wallet application or online block browser to broadcast trading, enter the purchase page bread.Click on the fiat currency trading wallet on the homepage.

5. You are in the wallet-found that the currency inside is the recently fired virtual investment currency Ether, which can be replaced with currency, and the detailed content is packed.The purchase of the three major platforms for downloading wallets is more guaranteed: the wallet can be traded at a digital currency account.Go to the application market to download the corresponding trading platform, go to the application market to download the corresponding trading platform, and register your wallet at Huobi Global Station.Search for coin trading system package, and register the gold according to the above prompts, take the purchase of Huobi as an example.