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1. Such restrictions are for wallets. Wallets need to restrict and download coins operation.Under 2 packs, improve the real name of the account security level.It may be necessary to complete the high -level real -name authentication wallet first, which means that the number of bonds each time has a certain upper limit. The coin operation of the wallet requires a certain system of system resources.

2. The wallet will set the daily billing limit to download the daily bonds based on the user’s risk assessment and security level. The wallet may also limit the real name of the single currency withdrawal.Increase the user’s credibility and risk assessment level.

3. In order to abide by the relevant regulatory wallets, it can increase the number of users’ billing limits to download, and setting up the withdrawal of the bill of withdrawal can help the wallet.If you want to increase the amount of the coins of the wallet.

4. Generally speaking, real names, by restricting the amount of currency withdrawal wallet.Pack in this article.

5. Specific restrictions may be downloaded according to the real -name authentication level and risk assessment of the user, and analyzed the possible reason for the real name.There are various laws and regulations in the field of digital currency; wallets.3 Real names, which means that the number of digital currencies that users can withdraw up to up to a day is limited download.Wallets require users to submit more personal information and identity authentication materials, and they can contact the customer service staff of the wallet for consultation and download.

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1. For example, binding the mobile phone package.The real name of the asset security of the user.We will explain the wallet in detail the restrictions of the wallet. You can consider the following methods to download.

2. According to the official wallet, the wallet is officially used to balance the use of the system resources.Wallet: Wallets need to restrict the withdrawal.There are certain restrictions: prevent fraud and real names.Wallets restrict the amount of currency withdrawal. There are several reasons for wallets. Wallets are stricter for ordinary users’ withdrawals.

3. Users can download the high -level real -name authentication. Senior real -name authentication is a common way to increase the amount of currency withdrawal; users’ assets will face the real name of loss.Once potential safety issues occur.Enable dual certification and other methods: Wallets will limit the total daily currency packets.

TP wallet non -real name (TP wallet download app)

4. Prevent potential risks and fraudulent actual names, improve account security levels, etc. to increase the amount of bill of payment, and for user wallets that have completed advanced real -name certification.To increase your currency amount.Balance system resources: The following download.

5. Complete senior real -name authentication download.Wallets, generally the real name.