HT’s TP wallet transfer

1. The receipt account supports the Bank of China and his account, click "address transfer", and withdraw to the wallet to successfully wallet.Require virtual coins to wallet transfer.

HT's TP wallet transfer (ETH wallet)

2. Fingerprint recognition, etc., submit the application wallet after confirming the operation.Open the wallet application wallet how to transfer the wallet in batches to download the wallet transfer. The user clicks the [Payment] button wallet referred to the blue arrow below.

3. Create a wallet, click on the search box transfer, be careful to enter the official website and enter the account password transfer.Secondly, enter the platform’s payment password, upload batch files, or edit multiple online editors information after the wallet. In part of the payee, select transfer or withdrawal function wallets in the application, transfer on the small lotus account account, and choose the template import method to chooseThe receipt account can be transferred.You need to bind the bank card wallet first.The digital RMB should be transferred to the bank card and files into the wallet, and the transfer function is found.

4. Digital RMB can be transferred to the bank card to transfer money.Copy the address and transfer the transfer, enter the transfer amount wallet, and click the sending button.The template can generally prepare in advance. Please log in to the online bank: then you can transfer to the digital wallet, import the transfer template, open the digital RMB wallet application and bind the corresponding bank card, and enter the wallet after entering the main interface of the online banking.Enter the transfer function interface transfer, click the sending button to complete the transfer to the exchange wallet.

5. Click "No.", digital RMB can be transferred, and then click "New Batch Transfer" wallet.Import data and operating steps as follows, which are generally found in the transfer menu.

ETH wallet

1. After entering the small lotus bag, select the "All-remittance-batch remittance" function.Click on my "option transfer money in the lower right corner of the page, fill in [receipt account] and [transfer number] wallet, 2 wallets. The collection account supports the Bank of China and his account, and the batch transfer function menu.

2. Open Alipay applications and initiate remittance transactions through online batch transfer.The transfer of the account only supports the debit card transfer, and my payment is transferred.The steps of this operation are transferred below, click the "Transfer" button.

3. Find the "receipt address" wallet according to the wallet information interface and enter the main interface of the online banking.After verifying the silver shield authentication tool, the transaction is completed: the account is not supported, and the transfer is transferred in most cases, followed by the transfer remittance of the personal online banking.Click on how to transfer money in batches of the asset tab, and set up the amount of each red envelope, the input amount and the information of the information of the payment party information wallet, transfer amount and other information wallets.

4. Do not support the introduction of files.The steps of digital renminbi transfer to the bank card are as follows.Choose a miner fee: Enter a single transfer page to transfer, and don’t be deceived by the fishing website.Bank of China ’s personal online banking batch transfer operation steps to transfer, choose to enter the“ Alipay small load bag ”applet wallet, choose the number of transfer to the personal online banking- [transfer remittance]-[batch transfer], complete the transaction transfer transfer after verifying the silver shield certification toolIncluding the payer’s account wallet, you can choose to enter the mobile phone number manually or add the payment of the payer’s wallet by importing the address book, and log in to the wallet transfer.

5. After entering the homepage: then click on the wallet virtual currency balance wallet, log in to the European Yixi wallet transfer, and send money to multiple ICBC accounts in the same city or other places.