Tokenpocket is deceived

1. How about entering the official website.Click to know how.How about the entire import process of the account.

2. How about setting the password and importing the wallet, the user can choose the target inscription to achieve multiple transfer, the pledge can be redeemed accordingly, and the "multiple transfer" can be selected.Note, this means how free, please pay attention to the official announcement.

3. The exact coin block height will be at 1 am on December 15th,+8. How about the previously announced on the official Twitter and how to check the -100 assets.Open the browser and search for "" to download.Hold account rankings, etc.

4. What is the transaction fee that needs to be paid when dealing with transactions on the main online.How does the coin process come from the official website?

5. How about connecting the wallet, what is the only one for each casting.Then all the account procedures are introduced: how.When the user checks the white block in the upper right corner of each inscription, how about casting at a certain/specified block height.What if the wallet cannot be connected.

How about tokenpocket

1. For details, please click here to view or directly join the official group for account opening guidance.need.Click "Add to" download: How.

Tokenpocket is a cheating (how about tokenpocket)

2. Click on the homepage "Inscriptions" to enter the "Inspection Index" interface and how about the total number of inscriptions, please refresh the interface."Inscription casting" and "inscription transfer": When not needed: How about "main network account" in the "Account" column and how to do it at the same time.How can users enter "-100 assets" and how are the number of holding? The three core functions of the inscription market will be opened to users, including "inscription deployment".

3. Enter and restore phrases- "Confirmation of Import" -choose the network- "Confirm".After importing, click the "All Network" button in the upper right corner -how to add "Network", users can click "Details" to view inscription information, including how the inscription casting progress is, how about the welfare resources of the currency circle, how to use a one -click casting method./Download — Select "I Have Wallets" — Choose Wallet Network "" — Fill in your recovery phrase or private key, what is currently applicable to users.

4. Unlock -how about entering the official website.Connect — Click "" — Click "OK" -The contract to authorize, it will send 1 to the black hole address -how to complete the mint coin.Pay attention to how the novice rewards.

5. Users can view it by clicking -100 assets. At the same time, we will freely issue the main network account opening quota with partners at any time, and then click "Import Wallet". Users can click the "Main Network Account" button in the upper right corner and fill in the main network account.Private key -how about clicking "Submit".Fill in the official website -click "casting" -after the contract is authorized, you will send 1 to the black hole address -how to do one after entering the transaction password, and how about the main network account will be imported into the plug -in wallet.See more about more details here.