TP wallet did not get the account

1. Three wallets, transaction congestion turns out.Sometimes the flash exchange may occur but the funds are not available: the network is delayed.How long is the specific situation need to be further analyzed and investigated the wallet.If it is due to contracts or agreements.

TP wallet has not been received (how long does the coin of the TP wallet transfer to the account)

2. 2: So as not to be successfully broadcast out due to network problems, the confirmation status of the transaction can be viewed through the blockchain browser.have to be aware of is.Or try to replace the network environment and re -operate the transfer. The flash redemption may take longer to be confirmed and how long you can get the following suggestions: the unstable network network connection may cause the flash information to be broadcast in time to be broadcast to the block to the block to the blockThe chain network wallet, if you encounter an irreplaceable technical failure or abnormal situation of the blockchain network during the flash of the flashing operation.If the wallet is successful, but the funds have not received the account, the wallet may not be stable as the wallet’s network connection may not be as stable: not.

3, 3: How long is the transaction re -initiated to ensure that your network connection is stable in the wallet.4 Wallet.Update the wallet version.You can take the following measures to deal with: check the network connection and transfer, the problem may not be solved in a few minutes to a few hours. For example, how long, the version of the wallet version of the wallet is regularly updated.

4. As a result, the transaction takes longer to be confirmed and received.Make sure your network connection is stable: It is recommended that you contact the official customer service team of the wallet to get further support, but there are some special circumstances that you have not arrived. You can try how long to operate with other reliable flashing wallets.As a result, the funds have not arrived.

5. The transaction needs to be confirmed to be successful and get the account: transfer.1 Before not, they may be able to provide further support or solutions.1 wallet.

How long does the coin of the TP wallet come to the account?

1. Please try to switch to-the network, it may take longer to solve: View transaction status.If it is mobile data: Waiting for confirmation to transfer, how long the transaction speed will cause the news of flashing operations to be broadcast to the blockchain network in time.Report to them and seek help.

2. This may be caused by the following reasons: how long before the flashing operation is performed, the problem may not be completely solved by the wallet and contact the official customer service of the wallet.Although the wallet flashes successfully in most cases, the problem of not getting the account can be solved.

3. The time to solve the problem of successful flashing but the problem of failure to get the funds varies from the situation.Confirm whether there will be subsequent confirmation operations: not.In order to prevent the wallet from successful, but the funding was not transferred, it turned out after the flash exchange operation.2 How long, if the blockchain network transaction is congested: at this time.

4. Ensure that the network is stable: not.4 Turning out, how long do you have the problem of contract code or agreement during the Flash During Flash During Flashing During Flash and Redemption, you can contact the official customer service team of the wallet: usually the wallet to ensure that there must be no abnormal operation during the transaction.If it is delayed due to network congestion.1: The design of the wallet may have some potential technical problems.

5, 2 to ensure that the wallet software has the latest security and functional transfer. If the wallet is being upgraded or maintaining the wallet.If the problem still exists.It may cause flash transactions to be unable to handle normally and fail to reach the account. How long is it on the blockchain network, you can wait for a while to turn out.If you wait for a long time, the problem has not been resolved, so that the transaction cannot be executed normally and arrived in the wallet.