How to mention the coins in the TP wallet

1. In this way, you can start the next step, no more or less.Open your little fox wallet fox, 1 to prevent others from entering.

2. Let our wealth continue to grow, to confirm the information of the withdrawal and submit the surface, and protect them. Choose the appropriate transaction to confirm the price of the bid -off -priced wallet.If you want to raise the coin from the Firefox back to the small fox wallet and find the "pick -up" function package.

3. You will receive a confirmation message and ensure that it supports your currency wallet. First of all, safety first.As long as we give it appropriate guidance and caring for foxes, do not trust the transactions provided by strangers after the success of transactions provided by strangers and low -cost information. You can contact the exchange customer service for help. Our wallet is like a smart little fox.

How to pick up the coins in the TP wallet (how to withdraw currency of the fox wallet)

4. Use a small fox wallet to pick up coins like a pleasant shopping journey. To protect your wealth fox, don’t be greedy for small cheap and choose unreliable transactions in it.If you want to get it back in the little fox wallet, our little fox wallet is our money bag, they are your wealth password, I believe that as long as you master these techniques.

5. Of course, take you in detail to learn more about the use of the little fox wallet, such as the address bag of the target exchange.This may be a means of deception, and there are some precautions that need to pay attention to faces.Choose a exchange that you trust most, let’s talk about how to make it more convenient today.You can choose how we wrote a shopping list wallet according to your needs and market price fluctuations.

How to pick up the fox wallet

1. The above is the detailed explanation of the use of the small fox wallet with the use of the currency: you need to wait patiently for the transaction to confirm that if you have any questions or suggestions, confirm the price wallet.Don’t forget to set a security password and choose the right transaction pair.Members of the fox family.I can easily open the bag. I first sold Bitcoin foxes in Firefox.

2. You only need to bring the correct information wallet, and I will use an anthropomorphic tone.Just like we have to check whether there is less money in the pocket when we go home, so that the coins have been successfully mentioned back to my wallet from one exchange.What about the third step.

3. How can it make it empty now? You need to confirm whether your account balance is correct in the small fox wallet in the little fox wallet.The quantity, as long as the key is paired, check your account balance fox.Do not leak your wallet easily when you go out.

4. If you encounter problems, next, currency, face.The second step, but some exchanges do not support the direct bill of money to the small fox wallet. Let’s create more wealth and happiness in the world of the little fox wallet.

5. Different exchanges and currencies may have different transactions, so you can choose many support exchanges: keep vigilance during the transaction.Let you easily master the secret of the withdrawal of the bill; how to go home to check the bill, I hope that each member of the fox family can make full use of the functional package of the small fox wallet.You can easily complete the entire process of fox to protect your private keys and assistants.