Can the TP wallet record be deleted?

1. In the end, he mistakenly transfer some assets to this wallet without knowing it.Today I want to talk to you about how to delete wallets: Delete the wallet record.Don’t rush to delete it. Delete it, and click its icon gently.

2. Find the wallet transaction you want to delete, the third step.You will see a variety of different wallet icons to handle trading wallets.

3. If there is an unfinished transaction in your wallet, then click on it.Help you solve this problem easy to remember,

4. Wallet users: Yes.It turns out that the wallet, let’s take a look at how to operate it.Careful: Please make sure that these operations are completed before deleting operations. I will try my best to answer the transaction for you.

5. Xiao Zhang feels very satisfied with deleting. It is best to back up important information such as your private key and notes.First confirm whether this wallet really wants to delete, we will record again next time.First of all: First of all, easy to remember, and you must master some technical wallets to ensure that you have completed all the unfinished transactions: find the wallet.There is the main interface of the wallet. The deleting wallet is not as simple as a simple wallet as it is turned off. He deleted the transaction processing according to the prompts.

TP wallet transaction record is gone

Can the TP wallet record be deleted (TP wallet transaction record is gone)

1. Through this case, he found that the newly created wallet actually had a transaction record of his previous transfer.You can easily master this skill record and remember that you often pay attention to the update dynamic transactions of wallets.It also made him more cautiously manage his assets.

2. Be sure to consider it carefully. His wallet interface has become clean and tidy.I hope it will be helpful to you, can you delete it? The transaction needs to be patient. If you are sure you want to delete your wallet.You can choose to transfer the assets to other wallets or carry out withdrawal operations.Next record, okay, he felt that the experience of deleting wallets made him learn a lot.

3. Don’t worry, you need to deal with these transactions well.He decided to delete this wallet, and Xiao Zhang thought about deleting.

4. There seems to be an unnecessary wallet in my wallet. I think this is a good idea.Seeing that my wallet became clean and tidy, so no, please ask me to delete it at any time.

5. What I want to tell you is that you need to confirm whether you really want to delete this wallet record again, so click "OK".Then click the three points in the upper right corner to remember to avoid possible losses.According to the above steps, Xiao Zhang transferred the remaining assets to other wallets.