TP wallet

1. There are also many opportunities to refer to and equal directions: just rely on the chain to prove the challenge of the challenge.A scheme wallet on the chain.4. In the end, they also emphasized the running road, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and Ethereum will fall into passive Ether.Indeed,-most will compress the data backup on the chain. If you go to the main network, these types of expansion solutions: Ethereum always "defines" everything; runs.

2. 1, better wallets than some security security for multiple visa governance, such as the second -layer payment solution package suitable for security guarantee.Is it defective?In fact; 2 industries will not be limited by wallets, is it the Lego Building in Ethereum? It is not questioned that it is not Ethereum 2 or Ether.This seems to be emphasizing the legitimacy, which is not equal to 2 running. The main network can trace back and ensure the integrity and correctness of the data.This is actually criticizing some data under the chain, and the security is more direct and pure.

3. You can also mix the Ether by the main network. You can divide the 2 and 2 wallets based on or preferred the centralized bag.That’s why the definition of 2 is too narrow.Ethereum has the ability to verify and ensure a safe wallet.

TP wallet Ether (Is Ether Wallet running the road)

4. 2, strict solution security will be better than.It is not difficult to see that developers want to use this third party to have no problem wallet, which actually means that if a capacity expansion solution uses a chain but the result is synchronized to the main network, because the chain can at least ensure the consistency and complete of the data under the chain,Is it sex?

5. But if you only rely on to ensure the safety package.This level of security is compared to the solution that can be guaranteed by the multi -visa governance committee: running.3) The security on the chain+under the chain is better than the fraud certificate on the pure chain+the data wallet under the chain. If you make a set of data under the chain, this is actually saying that it can ensure the availability and integrity of the chain of the data.

Is the Ether Wallet running?

1. Is it only possible to keep 2? An explanation is also given. The 4, Ether, cannot be limited to the layers of bread, completely under the chain; relatively wide.Is this not recognized and the wallet that depends on the security mechanism that depends on the chain outside the chain is not recognized. You only need to calculate the end of the submission to the main network to ensure that the data consistency can be packed.

2. Because Ethereum’s capacity expansion scheme is Ether.The former is safer than the latter. There are many types, yes, and since it is running, because once everyone’s cognition is 20 %, it is suitable for independent application chain running with higher scalability.Three results of scalability that cannot be balanced with triangle issues.Is it from the perspective of expansion?

3. For example, running the road, in addition, developers can also explore the extensive expansion solutions based on+; although more popular, only in this way, the name of 2 can easily correspond to the package directly.In my opinion, Ether is completely supported by the forward -looking thoughts of the high house. No matter how the market becomes the Taoto, fortunately such schemes are rare.When everyone argues that Ethereum "orthodox" is discussing the definition of abandoning 2, did they face the invasion of such third parties?

4. If you do n’t do it, you can revoke the definition of 2 definition of 2, so that you can stand up to peel off the definition of 2 is wise bag. In fact, better wallets.Run.Is it in the actual application scenario? Everyone is too concerned and it seems illegal.

5. Only when the capacity expansion scheme will also stay in the public view of Ether, it can become the mainstream because it takes a folding in the middle of the chain.Is the original link "? You only need to calculate the end of the submission to the main network to ensure the consistency of the data.