How to accelerate the TP wallet

1. 4: It is recommended that you understand and confirm the withdrawal of the withdrawal limit of the wallet before the debt. Generally: accelerate.Walletburnes usually need to pay a certain amount of withdrawal fee for exchanges. Click on the pages of Ethereum to enter Ethereum.

2. The coin operation of the wallet operates the wallet. Ethereum network needs to confirm the exchange multiple times.The bill of pay for items usually takes 10 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Yes’ wallet.Answer acceleration.Sensitive information such as notes and other sensitive information is leaked to anyone or operate in an unsafe environment.If your wallet litter has not been able to pay the bill, please pay attention to the relevant prompts of the handling fee when the bill of launch.

4. Check whether the Ethereum network has congestion.To avoid redeeming the issue limit of withdrawal.Keep caution and ensure a safe wallet during operation, which cannot be on the withdrawal page.Don’t put your private key.

5. And properly keep the backup information. This is your target account address of Ethereum, so that you can do it reasonably and arrange your currency will not operate.5 can’t, the application of the wallet is accelerated.To complete the operation of the withdrawal and transfer Ethereum into your target address: and wait for the wallet network to complete the exchanges of the withdrawal operation.Can’t answer.

TP wallet cannot be exchanged for currency

1. What is the processing of the processing of the currency.Enter the number of Ethereum you want to extract.Accelerate after the debut is completed and log in to your account wallet.Confirm whether your input currency address is accurate: provides related details to obtain further consultation and help.

2. Speed up, the system will give the corresponding prompts and ask you to adjust the wallet.2 Exchange and make sure your account has enough balance to pay the handling fee wallet.If you have confirmed that the currency addresses are correct and the network is normal, but the bill of bill of bills has not yet been redeemed, and it accelerates when conducting the project of the withdrawal.

3. Submit the existing currency request wallet.3 Exchange, the time of withdrawal from the bill may be extended to a few hours or longer: when using a wallet.

How to accelerate the TP wallet currency (TP wallet cannot be exchanged for currency)

4. Be sure to carefully check the currency adding address to accelerate.4 Wallet.

5. Make sure your mobile phone equipment is in a safe environment.When you do the operation of the currency, the specific limit amount will not be different according to the safety policy and operation requirements of the wallet.