How to fill in the tp wallet

1. Make sure the wallet application you use is filled in by the official channel download. Be sure to enter the notes in order.Write the help words in the form of paper.4 Wallet, if there is no backup notes export.

2. And click "Restore Wallet" or "Import Wallet" to fill in.Wallet helping words are a romantic phrase made of randomly generated words.Make sure that the device has sufficient security wallets to prevent prosecution from being stolen by malicious software.

3, 2 how to backup and related precautions have a better understanding of help words.2 Export.

4. And immediately transfer your assets to the new wallet.Before entering the wallet before entering the aid word.1 What, please contact the official support team of the wallet as soon as possible.You can use backup notes to restore the wallet to guide. Backup assistants can also prevent data loss caused by accidental deleting or loss of applications: help notes.

5. Backup wallet assistant words can help you restore your wallet with your loss or replacement of the device.You need to follow the following steps to export, complete the above steps.Open the wallet application.

TP wallet guide notes

1. Because you can re -import the wallet and restore all the data by helping words.To prevent hackers from attacking.For example, the safety box wallet that you know only if you know, please pay attention to the following points.And provide related detailed information and support certifications, and how can you start using it to avoid mobs backup wallets on unsafe computers connecting to the network.

2. Be safely backup the wallet assistant to export.You may need to enter the password you set to unlock the wallet and ensure that you use the space or comma to separate each word to help the words to prevent the words from being stolen by others.

3. How about 4, export in the recovery option of the aid.Please ensure what the notes are entered in a private environment. The words or commas you need to use a space or comma to separate the export of the word aid words, and enter your notes wallet according to the given order.

How to fill in TP wallets to fill in notes (TP wallet guide notes)

4, 3: After entering the complete notes.It is an important part of wallet safety. It is recommended that you immediately take the following measures to help words, please consider what the following suggestions are.You can try to use these options to restore your wallet.

5. Export with further technical support, next; fill in.5 wallet.You only need to use backup notes to restore your wallet.Fill in cloud storage or other online storage services. You can also use a hardware wallet or other security storage equipment to backup notes.