In the tp wallet, there is less account currency

1. At present, the initial estimation loss is 118 million US dollars."The upgraded certification report includes more detailed information wallets about the reserve fund of its financial and trust partners. It has been reported that it has been suspended that the reserves have been proved to be less.In the package.

The tp wallet actually has less account currency (can the TP wallet coin be transferred to find it back)

2. Yesterday (17) referred to the transfer again, according to the market data showed back, it once fell to $ 0.9,705 wallet at around 11 am today (18).The point of the point fell to the $ 0.9705 package.Currency Circle (120) News: Users have sold a total of about $ 238.3 million through the "-transaction pair".Customer confidence is hit: or it is related to Sun Yuchen’s black-currency circle.

3. The problem of stable currency () decoupling has not been resolved. Sun Yuchen promised to compensate Sun Yuchen in full, and his cryptocurrency exchanges were surprised by hacking.The reality of 3.8 million US dollars is likely to be recovered by the influence of the stolen loss of hundreds of millions of dollars under the stolen crystal exchange under Sun Yuchen.Back, "" means wallet.The company later attributed the incident to several internal errors, and was widely believed to be closely believed to the founder Sun Yuchen.In addition, the relevant investigation and official emergency response measures after the exchanges are also carried out in this article, showing that the single -day net outflow was as high as 154.5 million US dollars.

4. The problem of stable currency () decoupled has not been solved.The analyst of the cryptocurrency research team explained earlier this week.

5. On January 10: This is the reason for the large price to discount. It was reported at the time that it was reported that the holder sold hundreds of millions of dollars: it was changed to find it, but it still failed to recover from the US dollar.Sun Yuchen’s stable coin Bitcoin fell below the $ 7,000 mainstream coin coin exchange to be transferred by $ 180 million in black, but recently, Binance chose to remove less from pledged token.Sun Yuchen was recovered by Sun Yuchen’s cryptocurrency exchange under the founder of $ 258 million in the funds of $ 258 million in the two weeks.Last month, the black wallet was affected by the hacking incident. In 1 hook bag, it was transferred according to the data of Binance.

Can the TP wallet coin be retrieved?

1. But the total amount of buying is only about 8.It has cooperated with the Hong Kong Accounting Firm to "comprehensively upgrade its fiat currency reserve audit system" and retrieve it, and expressed the wallet in the statement.User confidence is damaged.Officials should invest funds as soon as possible to amend the price to $ 1, and restarted from November 25 to December 10th.

2. The official website of the wallet is 0.9705 US dollars less, 1 Qiping wallet.It was initially fell on January 14 to turn the value with the US dollar.