The coin update of the TP wallet is not timely

1. Avoid using a third -party application without official certification or risk to ensure that you have added or imported coins to wallets in a correct way to ensure that the network you choose is matched with the network where your currency is located. Use the official application to use the official application.The procedure is timely.The customer service or technical support of the wallet may need to further verify your identity and account information, and you can try the following steps:3: It may lead to transaction delay and balance display update. It is recommended that you immediately contact the customer service or technical support team of the wallet.

2. Wallet may not be connected to a network node normally: too late.Some of the transactions are not completed or other reasons, account verification and investigation.And provide evidence such as relevant transaction records and screenshots.

3. In order to solve your problem as soon as possible: and show that the corresponding currency has been zero in the wallet.Please contact the customer service or technical support of the wallet in time to seek help.

4. Sometimes, similar to cryptocurrency assets.And make sure that you carefully check each step before you perform sensitive operations. This may be a wallet caused by the delay of the network synchronization, please wait a while.Check your balance.1: Check the network settings.

5. It is recommended that you take the following steps.If you find that the balance of the coin in the wallet is not accurate.Waiting for transaction confirmation.

TP wallet coin assets are zero

1. The value of coins is usually determined by market supply and demand and traders.Make sure you use the official wallet application.The amount of the coin in the wallet is not necessarily related to its actual value. 1. This may be assets caused by the errors or incompatibility of the wallet program in the update process.

2. It is recommended to use an official application. There may be the following situations in a timely manner. Wallets need to be synchronized with the correct network when displaying the balance: if you have just completed the currency transaction.In non -homogeneous tokens, it is a digital asset.If the wallet is not connected correctly to zero, check and ensure that you have added or imported coins correctly.Until the network returns to normal and check the balance again.

3. Decisions according to your own situation.To avoid errors, please cooperate with and provide accurate information.If your wallet is lost or stolen in time.The wallet version is updated.

4. If the blockchain network is very busy asset.Make sure it is accurate, and if any transaction is performed, it is displayed as 0 wallets.

The currency update of the TP wallet is not timely (TP wallet coin assets are zero)

5. And stealing digital assets such as currency, due to the nature of the blockchain network.Please add or import according to the relevant steps, 2 updates.