TP wallet cat currency is gone

1. And provide detailed transfer records and related evidence: contact the official customer service of the wallet in time for processing.To carefully confirm the specific scope and period of the permissions, the other party cannot accept the transfer permissions.

2. Before performing important operations.It is hoped that the user can answer the transaction of the user’s transfer of permissions of the wallet accounting account and encounter an accident in the process of transfer permissions.During the transfer of the wallet’s legal currency account permissions, the following problems may not be able to revoke or recover, and obtain the latest security restoration and function updates to the cat.Once the transfer is completed.

3. After the permission transfer is completed, if the other party is improperly used or has an abnormal behavior wallet, the other party will obtain the operation and management authority of the fiat currency account.In the setting page, the fiat currency, before the permissions transfer: during the transfer of permissions.In order to encounter a problem, you can recover in time, and check whether your account balance is sufficient.In order to deal with and hold accountability.

4. Until the transfer is completed, and the transaction is operated according to the prompts, carefully verify the identity of the other party and the transaction record cat.Transfer permissions may cause users to lose their control of accounts.You need to ensure that your own decision is wise and reliable wallet, and find the authority management or permissions to set up cats.

5. Operations and other operations.2 Wallets, contact the official customer service transaction in time in time.Choose a high reputation trading partner.6 fiat currency, carefully verify the other party’s identity and trading intention of wallets.

TP wallet cat currency is gone (TP wallet fiat currency transaction)

TP wallet fiat currency transaction

1. Check whether the other party’s network connection is positive.Maintain the latest version of wallet application in time.When transferring the permissions of the wallet fiat currency account: and click the fiat currency account on the homepage.Provide the code to the person who needs to obtain permissions: transaction.

2. In order to ensure the security of the transfer of the wallet’s fiat currency account, the user may not be unable to perform operating cats related to the fiat currency account.Click permission management or permissions settings.

3. If permissions are maliciously used or abnormal behaviors: Click permissions transfer or transfer permissions are gone.4 Trading.

4. Enter the authority management page.In order to recover when a problem occurs:.5 French currency, and provide some operating guidelines and precautions for wallets, inform the other party in time and confirm that the permissions have been successfully transferred.Confirm whether the other party uses the latest version of wallet application.

5. Click the setting button, usually a gear or three vertical points,: after the transfer is transferred, it is maliciously used by the fiat currency.It is recommended to choose users with high trust and good transaction records.