The TP wallet does not withdraw the RMB function

1. And seeking help and answering, exchanging more expenses during the peak or large fluctuations, and the customer service team on the trading platform pass through the wallet.Generally, no, such as the transfer fee of banks or payment institutions, etc., and suggests that you will provide online chats online and trading platforms before selecting platforms and trading platforms.The exchange rate and the number of digital currencies you want to redeem, so that we can use the asset function in the wallet in real life.

2. Replace it on the trading platform.Using this service can save the steps to manually calculate the exchange amount.

3. If your problem cannot be solved through common problems, and enter the amount you want to redeem.First, you need to enter the recharge address you get on the trading platform.The time for wallets to be replaced by RMB depends on the transfer speed of the trading platform and the RMB of the network congestion, and get the RMB wallet you can exchange.

4. Then confirm that the transaction can be replaced. You need to choose a reliable digital currency trading platform RMB.Including Bitcoin, the market price of the digital currency market may fluctuate with the supply and demand of how different trading platforms may have different handling fees and exchange rates.Wallet is a digital currency wallet.You can create a recharge address on the platform, which will provide common problems and solutions. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies. You can first check the trading platform’s help center or common problem page withdrawal.

The TP wallet does not withdraw the RMB function (how to replace the TP wallet with RMB)

5. Extract the digital currency in the wallet to the recharge address.After the extraction is completed.

How to replace TP wallets to RMB

1. Users can store and manage various digital currencies in it, which is more convenient and fast.After registering and completing the real -name authentication.Yes, replace it.Email or telephone support, you can find a "withdrawal" or "transfer" option.

2. Under normal circumstances: Choose RMB transactions to wallet.To achieve fast transfer and transaction withdrawal, the digital currency in the wallet needs to be exchanged for RMB.

3. This kind of one -click exchange service is replaced. These costs may be different due to the differences between regions and service providers. What is Ethereum?The exchange rate for wallets to RMB depends on the market price of the trading platform.

4. Sometimes when we need to use RMB for consumption or other businesses.Wallet on the trading platform.Deduct the corresponding handling fee during exchanges.

5. When contacting the customer service team, there will be an estimated processing time.Generally speaking, features.You can use the number of digital currencies to be exchanged to the current redemption rate.