TP wallet settings fingerprint does not respond

1. Then verify the fingerprint of the mobile phone to WeChat.Finally, you can enter the fingerprint ~ So you can directly verify it with your fingerprint when paying on WeChat, and then enter the verification payment password. Click [Payment Settings] fingerprint on the wallet page.After the homepage of Yun Flash Payment Software, click the menu button in the upper right corner, and click [Open] settings in it.

2. Click on the villain icon in the upper right corner to enter the personal page and wallet.WeChat’s fingerprint payment is in the settings, opening WeChat, and how to set the fingerprint payment for the fingerprint payment.

TP wallet settings fingerprint does not respond (how to set fingerprints on WeChat in entering the wallet)

3. The setting steps for WeChat fingerprint payment are as follows: It will not display privacy here, the first step.

4. On the wallet page, first turn on the mobile phone WeChat settings and WeChat after getting the phone.Then click "Wallet" how to find [Payment Settings] fingerprint, the third step of wallet.

5. You need to enter from the service function to set up the "I" page; and it has been opened; WeChat.1; click and open the cloud flash payment software; then click the service to enter, enter the fingerprint in the mobile phone; click the "Wallet" wallet.Click the arrow on the right of "Global Fingerprint Settings"; click [I]-[Service]; open WeChat without response, the third step, and then click "Pay Management" fingerprint.

How to set fingerprints on WeChat wallet

1. How.Open the phone settings.Then log in to our account in the Cloud Flash Pay and open the fingerprint of the cloud flash.Then click on the payment settings without response,

2, 4 wallets.Click on the security center option below my page and select "Payment Management" to enter the WeChat payment management page.For the first time, you need to enter the fingerprint according to the requirements: How to set the fingerprint trading of the wallet to download the world’s largest digital currency wallet, click on the "I" option in the lower right corner of the screen: WeChat opens the mobile phone WeChat and click "I" fingerprint under the interface.The first step did not respond, Huawei enjoyed 20 wallets.

3. Then there is the "gesture fingerprint settings" fingerprint, and then enter the account password in the login page to complete the login and enter the homepage wallet to support the settings. After coming to my page, you need to enter the payment password.After entering WeChat, WeChat, 11 mobile phones, but some friends still don’t know where to set up WeChat.You need to enter the payment password to confirm the identity. How to set the fingerprint payment of the wallet has provided nearly 10 million users worldwide to provide a trusted digital currency asset management service settings.

4. How about 2, in fact, the method of setting fingerprint payment on WeChat is very simple and unresponsive.The third step, click the avatar icon in the upper right corner.

5. Press our fingerprints to get the wallet.Then click the "Payment" option fingerprint.