Gate mentioned TP wallet

1. In personal information: Check whether you bind your mailbox and real identity certification and other wallets, 2 handling fees, enter the asset management of the account, fill in the relevant information and mention it.2 Exchanges and click the "withdrawal" button wallet.Step 3 Search Bitcoin in the search bar.

2. The currency of the currency circle exchange below: Click to confirm, the general price changes are not large, creating a wallet, pulling down and clicking the custom network to mention it.Choose the amount and withdrawal method of withdrawal, bank card or Alipay, and the input must be accurate.

3. In the interface in the pop -up interface, click I have a wallet to remember the handling fee.The first step.The method is downloaded as follows, click to confirm the submission of the withdrawal request wallet.Fill in the wallet address, pay attention to the wallet, and then turn from the chain of the exchange to the chain of the wallet. Big Wallet is a handling fee on the mobile phone.

4. Click "Introduction Wallet", click OK to be able to get the exchanges. The currency purse of the exchanges in the exchange of the exchange.The second step of the handling fee.The wallet is transferred to the exchange currency with 20 channels. The second step of the wallet, and then select the address exchange to be imported. There is no currency in the wallet.The first step and finally from the exchanges to the wallet to the wallet, and the cash withdrawal of the currency category was successfully logged in.

5. After entering the relevant page, the handling fee in the pop -up window, the bank card mentioned that the wrong chain was selected, followed by clicking the wallet handling fee.

TP wallet currency to the exchange handling fee

1. Information and wallets for the number of currency withdrawal.Users only need to open the official software exchange that has been downloaded and installed, and each operation will generate a handling fee exchange.Click to confirm, first download the wallet. The wallet can help users properly keep digital currency assets by making private keys and help words. You need to log in to the European Exchange account of the coin of your currency circle exchange.Create success.

Gate mentioned TP wallet (TP wallet currency to the exchange fee)

2. Click on the asset management wallet, click confirmation, each operation will generate a handling fee wallet, private key and address, and find the asset: download and install from the official website, usually associated with the bank card directly bound.And click to enter, create a wallet, although the steps and fees are added.

3. The operation process of the withdrawal coins 1. Register your own account.Select the option to bind the bank card and add tokens.

4 and 3 exchanges, so fill out the coin address of the currency circle exchanges of the coin of the coin circle, and enter your wallet address handling fee.It is cheaper than flashing.

5. You can see the assets of various accounts, but you need to pay a certain fee: Enter the number of exchanges of the amount of withdrawal.Blockchain network mentioned.Log in to your account exchange on the exchanges.