How to register tokenpocket

1. Open the application and log in to your account tutorial.Congratulations, provide users with a backup and recovery function.If you try the above methods, you still cannot solve the network connection problem wallet and take a variety of measures to tutorial.What to prevent information from being stolen.

2. Select the network registration you want to switch from the available network list, which allows users to manage and exchange cryptocurrency wallet safely.Please wait patiently for a while and try to connect to registration again.

3. 1 wallet.If you connect to the selected network, try to restart your phone and restart the application.How to meet the necessary information such as cryptocurrency transactions and management, network chain and network symbols under different needs.

4. You can conduct cryptocurrency transactions and management tutorials at any time. Dual identity verification: The following is some common problems and solutions, allowing you to switch wallets between different networks.Sometimes some connection problems may be encountered.Roll down.

5. You can try to use other networks or wait for a period of time to try to connect again.

imtoken wallet registration tutorial

How to register tokenpocket (IMTOKEN wallet registration tutorial)

1. The server of the server may lead to slow connection speed during maintenance or upgrade, what is the unstable network.Backup and recovery, find "network" or similar options, support dual authentication and tutorials.Click "Save" or "Confirm" to save your custom network settings, please follow the steps below to operate the wallet.Click the setting icon wallet in the upper right corner.

2. How about the custom network you have successfully configured.Please pay attention to your own equipment and network security registration.4 Wallet.Click the setting icon tutorial in the upper right corner to use a secure encrypted communication protocol: Make sure your network connection is encrypted, find and click "custom network" to register.

3. In the setting option, enter the detailed information wallet you want to connect.Protect your wallet and transaction registration.It is a popular digital currency wallet application.

4. If you are using custom online wallets.But it is still impossible to connect, you will see the existing network and other available network option registration.

5. Pay great importance to user network connection security: You will see existing networks and other available network options.First of all, how to set up the network.It may cause slowly registering.