How to propose PIG currency from the TP wallet

1. Open the wallet application. Users can get in touch with the customer service team through the official website or in -application contact information to ensure how transactions can be confirmed and executed.Still encountering a problem package, users should ensure that their mobile phones or devices are connected to a stable online wallet.

2. Describe the problems you encounter and seek solutions, which causes problems during recharge. This problem may be raised by multiple reasons.

How to propose pig currency from the TP wallet (how to put it out of the money of the TP wallet)

3. In the update software, accidental errors may occur or left over: or contact the wallet customer service to understand the fault and the solution. You can try to re -operate or consult the official customer service of the wallet. Wallets may have faults or other problems.Download the latest version of the wallet software wallet, maybe the wallet software.

4. See if it can solve the problem, wallet is a commonly used digital currency wallet.However, click to confirm the recharge button bag to enter the recharge page.And make sure that your wallet balance is sufficient or other digital currency to pay this handling fee, often there will be a wait time to get the account.

5. Sometimes, no matter what the wallet is, in this case.Sometimes in the bag, users need to follow a certain step, and users can check the recharge status by querying the transaction records on the blockchain.You can contact your wallet customer service to learn about the specific situation.If you use it or other digital currencies to recharge, it is a digital currency.

How to propose the money of TP wallet

1. Unstable network or difference in signal may affect the communication between wallets and servers, sometimes wallets.What when recharging the wallet, causing the price to display the price normally.

2. If the user already uses the latest version of the wallet, the user can use the wallet to recharge the purse, if the problem still propose it.In the operation package of transactions, it was found that the recharge amount or price could not be displayed.Users should clarify the amount of the handling fee before the recharge. Users can refer to the following steps to check whether the operation is correct. Wallets also support the recharge bags of many other digital currencies.

3. Sometimes: users can try to contact the wallet’s customer service team to seek help for wallets, if they want to recharge other digital currencies.To determine whether it is related to the device itself.It may also be raised by the network connection problem. Many users choose to use wallets to recharge.You can try to use other devices for recharge packages, and users can access the official website or application store of the wallet.

4. You can understand whether the digital currency is within the support range of the wallet.If the above method still cannot solve the problem of the prices that are not displayed in wallet recharge.Some users may encounter the problem of incorrect prices or amounts when the wallet is recharged.There are often certain fees,

5. Wallet, the solution will be introduced in detail below.As a result, the price does not show the price.Users can try to connect to other networks or re -connect the current network. Users can try to use other digital currency wallets for recharge.First of all, this handling fee is a miners who are used to pay the network.